YouTube Premium & YouTube Music Now Available in Egypt

YouTube Premium and YouTube Music have come to Egypt! With its arrival, background playback on YouTube, along with several other features, are finally available here.
With YouTube Premium you can now enjoy ad-free and offline videos from the YouTube main page, as well as countless music videos, official albums, singles, remixes, live performances, covers, artist radio, and hard to find music, exclusive to YouTube. The ad-free experience also has built in recommendations tailored to your taste and preferences and playlists for every mood and time.

The new Hotlist page offers the hottest songs and best new releases, with new music added daily. A song search feature also allows you to finally save the song that has been ringing in your head for the past week and whose name you can’t remember. It will recognise your song even if the lyrics you’ve been humming are wrong! Search options even include song descriptions like “that rap song with flute”, so as you see, YouTube Music has really got you covered.

Subscriptions for YouTube Music start at a reasonable 49.99 EGP, with family plan offers available starting from 74.99 EGP. YouTube Premium starts at 59.99 EGP, with family plans starting at 89.99 EGP. A YouTube Premium subscription, which is being gifted to everyone in Egypt for a one-month free trial, also gives users access to YouTube Music. Both services will be rolling out in the upcoming weeks.

With these exciting advanced new features, YouTube is providing subscribers with the opportunity to enjoy fresh musical experiences matching every taste. We can discover the newest hits, listen to the oldest of classics and simply enjoy everything in between.