Mohamed Badr

The Maverick Changing the Face of Interiors

Ahmed Talaat

Egypt’s Multi Talented New Star

Mohab Hassouna

Changing the Real Estate Game


Pushing the boundaries of beauty in West Hollywood

A Star-Studded Visit to Baheya

Meeting with Cancer Survivors

The Shenanigans of Shadi Alfons

The Man Behind the Mischief

Ivory, Sahel’s new signature spot

Ahmed Beltagy’s latest creation set to rock the north coast


Egypt’s Hot Rising Stars

  Every few years, a select number of young actresses take over our screens with their talent and their fresh take on Egyptian drama, reinvigorating the scene and adding a different perspective to the entertainment industry. The three actresses in our cover feature are all well on their way to becoming the next big thing; yet, their career paths could not have been more different. While Mariam El Khosht started...

Mohamed Badr

The Maverick Changing the Face of Interiors

A true curator of fine taste, Mohamed Badr has been making strides in the field of interior design for the past 25 years. A pioneer in innovative commercial spaces and a master in creating residential havens, Badr is an expert on all things design. Although he is a well-known figure in the interior design field, not much is known about the man behind some of the best interiors across...

Discover the world of Eco-Friendly Fashion

Do you love to look fashionable, trendy and go shopping regularly? Join the club! But, did you know that the fashion industry is one of the biggest sources of pollution and waste in the world? Some brands are notorious for unethical practices, carbon emissions and excessive water consumption. Don’t worry though! It’s not all bad news… Thanks to some environmentally conscious fashion brands that are seriously making the effort to save...

Architect Dalia Sadany Wins Golden Award in Italy

After years of making a name for herself as a talented architect and designer on both the regional and international stage, Dalia Sadany has been awarded the Golden Award in one of the most prestigious design competitions in the world; the A’ Design Award & Competition. This award, hosted annually in Italy, sees almost 13,000 designers competing across 105 different design fields, making it truly exceptional that Sadany’s achievements...

Ahmed Talaat

Egypt’s Multi Talented New Star

Ahmed Talaat may be new to acting, but he has already proven that he is one to watch. Talaat’s very first passion, which he began pursuing when he was just seventeen years old, was designing equestrian courses. However, once he graduated with a degree in architectural engineering, Talaat eagerly embarked on his career in architecture and began immersing himself in designing opulent residential escapes everywhere from Egypt to Spain....