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Now Hiring:

Advertising Sales Executive

Job Description:

  • Execute advertising policies of the organisation
  • Discuss possible new accounts to outline new policies or sales promotion campaigns with department heads
  • Confer with advertising agencies and or clients to negotiate advertising contract
  • Offer advertising space and negotiates around it
  • Persuade clients to buy advertising space
  • Review rates as well as classifications applicable to various types of advertising
  • Conduct business transactions as an agent for advertising accounts
  • Get involved in the preparation of special promotional features

Staff Writer :

  • Stay up-to- date with the latest news and events.
  • Contribute ideas to include in the magazine.
  • Arrange for and conduct interviews with key people.
  • Carry out research for articles.
  • Write any assigned articles for publication.
  • Write at least one article per day for the magazine website, in addition to print
  • workload.
  • Use different writing styles to suit targeted readers for each article.
  • Ensure accuracy of everything written.
  • Meet deadlines.
  • Ensure that not a single word is published or sent to be put in layout without the
  • approval of the senior editor.
  • Upload content on the website daily.
  • Attend all meetings and abide by consequent changes to company procedures.
  • Communicate with all editorial members and all other departments professionally and
  • efficiently.

Staff writers are expected to fulfill any additional duties or tasks assigned to them by the editor-in-chief or senior editor.


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