eniGma PR & EVENTS is a full-service networking, public relations, and events organisation agency, with extensive experience on both sides of the press/PR divide. This enables us to offer clients a highly effective service aimed at obtaining maximum awareness for a client’s brand through enhanced press coverage and customised networking opportunities.
Our services range from designing comprehensive and credible value-driven PR material, aimed at maximising clients’ exposure to potential customers in the Middle East, to the execution of PR services based on every individual client’s needs.
With years of experience organising press conferences, large-scale and intimate events, and one of the strongest databases in the Middle East, eniGma PR can conceptualise and execute dynamic events to creatively maximise brand awareness. We also ensure our clients have targeted presence at relevant high profile events and can create high prof ile red carpet events for them.
We work with several international organisations to set up key meetings with influential figures in business, government, entertainment and media in the Middle East and beyond. With over 17 years of experience, we have an extensive database that includes leaders from a diverse array of sectors regionally and around the world.


eniGma PR can help clients raise awareness through the conceptualisation and organisation of large-scale or intimate events at unique locations. Upon request, we can also book regional or international celebrities to attend events. We also leverage our considerable local, regional and international media contact list to organise engaging press conferences. In additon, we can also organise private meetings or dinners with key individuals at our client’s request
Raising awareness through conceptualisation and organisation of large-scale events at unique locations to which eniGma has exclusive access.
Organising large-scale or intimate launch events for each client’s products and services.
Leveraging eniGma’s considerable local, regional and international media contact list to organise dynamic and engaging press conferences.
Organising concerts and celebrity appearances with local, regional and international superstars.
Organising private meetings or dinners with key individuals at our client’s request.


eniGma can produce professional online videos highlighting various aspects of your brand. These short, high impact videos can focus on your developments or products and include interviews with members of your team. Video productions are highly recommended for promoting your company online, as they exhibit your brand in a dynamic and personal manner. Our online videos are then placed in the eniGma TV section of our website as well as our YouTube channel: Enigma TV.


Yasmine Shihata, eniGma’s Founder & Editor in Chief, will personally be involved in coordinating all PR events and contacts necessary. Yasmine will also draw on her personal contacts to arrange meetings for the client with individuals who could be beneficial to their business. The full eniGma team will be at our client’s disposal and will be responsible for all PR requests and events. The eniGma team will be responsible for overseeing and editing all PR material written for the client; either for press releases, brochures, magazines or any other printed materials that will be required. eniGma’s design team will also be responsible for the design of printed materials, brochures and invitations when necessary.

Contact: enigma@enigma-mag.com Tel: + (202) 2738 2554 / 2736 7759