What To Do If You’re Staying In On New Year’s

With each year coming to an end, there’s always the big question: ”So, what are you doing for New Year’s?” Let’s be honest, making plans for the new year has become more of a hassle, with the ridiculously overpriced parties and the massive social events, where you see everyone and anyone. If you don’t have it in you anymore and would rather just stay in, don’t worry; you’re not alone. Here’s what you could do to enjoy New Year’s at home.


Invite Everyone

First thing you do is invite anyone who doesn’t have plans. Don’t feel awkward if most of them don’t show up; most last-minute planned parties tend to be the most memorable.


Karaoke Your Heart Out

There’s nothing like singing all your favourite cheesy songs out loud to get your cheerful mood going.


Retro Night

Plan a retro themed party. Put on retro outfits, retro music and decorations, even bring on your retro dance moves; we guarantee a night of fun stuff. 

All-time Favourite Movies Party

Because when do we ever have the time to go through our must-watch movie list? Pop some popcorn and get on with your movie marathon.


Game Night

Change the game of the social event and turn it into a fun game night. Break out your favourite games and some beverages and you’re good to go.


PJ Party

Because why not party in your PJs? If you’re already staying in, you might as well put on your favourite and most comfortable PJs and party like you’ve never partied before.


Stay Under the Blanket

When you don’t feel like spending New Year’s socialising, there’s nothing like spending the night with your squad or favourite person, just being yourself.