Five reasons Why Art effects Fashion!


By Amira Ashour IG:@streetstyledubai

Art is the structure and inspiration behind the creativity of trend mania..

Since the beginning of time, humans have admired the power of Art and lately it has helped us to connect the dots between inspiration and productivity, therefore fashion simply existed!

With the magic of Art we have learned:

  • To be inspired by history and it’s artistic formation; like the era of the Pharos and how designers NOW are still impacted by its deep roots
  • No designer will ever create a garment without sketching apiece of artistic painting
  • Art is the reflection of culture, and culture is the main stream of fashion
  • From Shakespeare to Da Vinci, the portrait of dramatic silhouettes has been the eye catcher of award winning icons
  • The expression of Art is an obsession that has formed exclusive pieces; put together in fabric and Canvas to create the perfect styles of clothing

Last but not least; Art surrounds life and bonds with fashion to form the perfect symphony for human existence . To each and everyone who has the talent to express through Art! Enhance your power! and you never know, you might be our next Picasso with a blend of Coco Chanel!