What It’s Really Like Studying Abroad

Picking your university definitely shapes what comes after, especially if you’re going to study abroad. We’ve chosen to interview a few students who took the hard decision of leaving their family and friends and to continue their education abroad.  While the experience of each of these students shows that there are both pros and cons to studying overseas, they all seemed to appreciate that the experience made them independent and more self confident.


Experience 1 

It was particularly difficult for our first student to take the hard decision to continue her studies in Canada because she was an only child. The decision was definitely hard for her and her family.  However, studying abroad has shaped who she is today. She appreciates how independent she has become and how she learnt to set her priorities.  She admits that the person she is today is utterly different than who she was prior to her experience abroad.


Experience 2 

Our next student chose to study in Washington, D.C. Although she had been traveling to the U.S. on vacations with her family, living on her own was totally different. She relates how she experienced culture shock and how finding friends that were exactly like her was nearly impossible. Although she did learn how to become independent and comfortable in her own skin, she said that she felt lonely sometimes. Nevertheless, although her experience abroad was harder than that of others, she still enjoyed the experience of living an independent lifestyle and is looking forward to continuing the rest of her journey.


Experience 3 

This student is living his university experience abroad to the max. If you’re looking for someone to give you that push you need if youre reluctant to study abroad, he’s the right guy. He recounts how much fun it is to live in the UK and how he wouldn’t change a single thing. Nonetheless, he did experience some culture shock when it cames to his housemates (who not as clean as he expected). Also, being sick alone with no one to take care of you, wasn’t an ideal situation. However, this doesn’t stop him from encouraging everyone to study abroad. He loves it!


Experience 4 

This student’s experience abroad was actually in Egypt! Although she comes from an Egyptian household, her family lived in Kuwait, where she was studying in the American University in Kuwait. She chose to spend a semester abroad in AUC. She says that living in Egypt alone without her family was a different experience. She was more independent, and didn’t feel the weight of cultural rules as much. Living alone she had much more freedom as a girl. Nonetheless, her experience of freedom also had its downside because she was still young and misguided in certain ways. However, she definitely learned from her mistakes! She unconditionally recommends studying abroad, no matter where the location is.