Hyde Park has big plans for Tawny, its newest compound. Boasting their signature cosy feel and avant-garde design, Tawny is expected to re-define suburban living in West Cairo. Covering 31 acres and featuring 216 fabulous villas of different styles, ranging from 240 sq.m. to 288 sq.m., this compound provides young families seeking to invest in a home with options that suit their varied needs and tastes. Tawny offers an array of modernly designed home options that give that 21st century edge with a splash of tranquility.

The compound also includes Quad villas, a favourite choice of big families and the first of their kind in the market. The villas make it easy for family-oriented residents to satisfy their needs of hosting family and their loved ones comfortably without being confined in a small space. It is also notable that residences comprise a full 80% of Tawny, with non-residential amenities confined to the remaining 20%. Residents won’t feel the need to stray further from the compound to enjoy the out-doors, as there is plenty of space for activities, whether for children, biking or morning jogs.

Hyde Park Developments maximises its residents’ enjoyment of the compound by mixing comfort with convenience. Strategically located in 6th October City, Tawny is close to important destinations in the area, including the new Gezira Sporting Club, several shop-ping centres, as well as a number of the finest of schools like Lycee Albert Camus, Al Alson, the International School of Chouiefat, the American International School (AIS) and The British International School in Cairo (BISC), among others. Residents have a range of options for their children’s education from school to university, with New Giza University also close by, providing top-notch teaching in a variety of specialisations.

With Tawny, there’s clearly no need for you to compromise when you pick your new home. At Tawny, you will experience life as it should be. Get ready to enjoy a luxurious home in a healthy, livable community, beautifully landscaped gardens, and the serenity and tranquility that comes with being away from the hustle and bustle of the city.