There’s no such thing as hating Valentine’s Day just because you’re single. It’s time to stop being bitter, and make it a day to pamper yourself! This is a guide to help you find ways to have fun this Valentine’s by making it all about YOU!

Try Something New

Try out a new activity or go someplace new. It’s always best to try and find yourself through an adventure, and what better way to do that than by packing up and heading to the airport? If you plan to go alone, we recommend you go with a travel agency to get the chance to meet new people and make friends.

Host a Valentine’s Day party for singles

Throw a party at home and invite all of your single friends. You can also plan Secret Valentine’s beforehand and exchange gifts at the party. Then, you can all go to an even bigger party.

Figure out what you truly want

Focus on making it YOUR day! Think of what you truly want. Do you want to be in a relationship, or do you want to be a successful, independent woman with no other obligations? Make sure you get in touch with your inner self and connect with it to really know what it is that you want out of relationships.

Buy yourself an amazing present

It’s always fun and exciting to receive presents, but it feels even better when you indulge yourself with a gift that you’ve wanted for so long. No one understands you better than yourself, so take this day as a chance to buy a wonderful present for the amazing person that you are.

Fall in love with yourself

To be able to love and be loved, one must love oneself first. On this Valentine’s Day, take it as a chance to pamper yourself. Go to a spa, get a facial or go to a hair salon; do whatever it takes to make yourself feel good!