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Valentine’s Day Makeup Looks Easy Looks to Suit All Valentine’s Day Plans

Valentine’s Day makeup is just as important as the perfect outfit. Most girls panic and struggle to create their own makeup looks because they have no idea what suits them or what sort of makeup goes with their outfit. We’re here to save you with five different and easy Valentine’s-Day-approved makeup looks that will surely slay. No need to call a makeup artist to book an appointment; we’ve made sure they are all simple enough for you to be able to do yourself.


Red Lips

This is the classic look that never gets old. You can wear it with a bare face and just a little bit of mascara, or go full glam if you want by adding eye shadow and contour. Whatever you decide, this coincides perfectly with Valentine’s Day colours, and it works no matter where you’re going.


Matte, Brown Smokey Eye

Try a simpler version of the classic smokey eye using brown and nude shades. It’s less intense, less serious and less dramatic – exactly what you need to go for on a day like this. This also perfectly goes with any outfit, since the colours are all earthy, and thus, neutral. Pair it with either a nude lip colour that’s darker than your natural lips, a little beige gloss, or for a more intense look, burgundy lipstick.


No-Makeup Makeup

This is perfect if you have plans at home or if you would rather skip the heavy makeup. Focus on getting a natural glow by just slightly highlighting your natural features. Mix a little illuminator with your tinted moisturiser and apply that all over the skin for a healthy face; then, just put on some eyebrow gel, mascara and a nude lipstick, and you’re good to go; bare and beautiful.


Winged Eyeliner & Bright Lips

Winged eyeliner basically wins the makeup game every time, especially when done right. You don’t even need to do much more if you have flawless eyeliner. But for a twist on the classic red lips with winged eyeliner look, try a different pop of colour on your lips instead, like pink or purple.


Burgundy Eye Shadow

If you’re in the mood to try something new and stay within the Valentine’s Day colour theme, opt for eye shadow with a burgundy/red tone, black mascara and your choice of lipstick or gloss. This look is suitable for any occasion and will take you out of your comfort zone.


Without a doubt, any of these looks will be perfect for the occasion. Here’s to slaying this Valentine’s Day!

By: Nada Motawe

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