The Urban Exotic Guide

Catering to a niche of a different taste, Marina Home specialises in urban exotic interior options. Making each shopping trip an unparalleled experience, the exclusive brand offers a variety of different categories supplied by 160 factories around the world. We visited their newest branch at Mall of Egypt to discover eight pieces of art that can make your house truly unique.

Arthur Coffee Table

Ideal for those who favour a rustic-chic aesthetic, this coffee table with a stunning spiral base makes a unique statement. Crafted from wood and iron, it is ideal for modern homes or offices. Given its signature base, it can stand on bare floors surrounded by lush fresh plants and vibrant artwork.


Minimal in design, this stunning chair is ideal for dining rooms, bedrooms or offices. Its tobacco brown hue makes it work with a wide range of interior styles. Don’t be afraid to add a pair of these chairs in a natural or African-inspired interior or set them beside your main modern sofa.


This picturesque stoneware ceramic set is great for showing off fruits or sunflowers with their stems cut short. Place them on your dining table or kitchen countertops to invite spring into your home. Featuring hand-painted patterns, these items add colour to any setting and make an ideal housewarming gift.


Looking for a statement piece to serve as a side table? Then look no further than this vintage-looking cart. Its natural-coloured wood gives it an earthly feel that can complement an ethnic or colonial-country vibe, as well as coastal interiors.


Known for making spaces look better through its simplicity, Scandinavian furniture suits homes of all sizes. With that said, this kitchen island with a strong character delivers a sense of space. Made from acacia wood and marble, it remains absolutely minimal even though it is chunky.


If you’re looking for attainable ways to add texture and pattern to your living room, then why not invest in a rainbow of poufs? Featuring handloomed chindi fabric, this pouf is a beautiful unique accessory that can suit any room in your house. It can also be used as a side table or extra seating space.


This bench with its unique design pairing long legs with a petite railed back, will make a statement in any house. Made of walnut wood, it is great for your living room, entryway or lobby. No matter where you decide to place it, it will offer extra seating space with a bold attitude.

Bergen Three-Seater Sofa

This stunning piece goes well with modern or industrial spaces that lean towards urban-chic style. Upholstered in fabric and showcasing beautiful birch legs, this item is complemented by natural hues. If you’re unsure of a colour palette, look to forests for inspiration.