The Uncanny Valley by Stella McCartney

“There’s so much pressure to look like something or act like something.” –Stella McCartney said.

To break this norm, McCartney is creeping us out by showcasing its SS17 collection in a mini fashion film, “The Uncanny Valley”, under the new editorial series #StellaBy.  For this series, designer McCartney has teamed up with surrealist director Philippa Price to promote its collection in an unpredictably creepy manner.

Famous for combining Sci-Fi and Technology, Philippa said in a Q&A with Stella McCartney’s website that to her, “the history and future possibilities of science and technology…are very surreal and exciting worlds in and of themselves…it’s only natural that science and the surreal come together.”

tella McCartney The Uncanny Valley by Philippa Price

The campaign’s scene is heavily influenced by psychedelic-like thoughts of a person who takes a trip through Nevada’s desert, in a location portrayed as a deserted mining town. The scenery is set at a nuclear testing site, dating back to the 1940s, with people wearing strange clown makeup, and listening to TV broadcasts on atomic bombs. The movie then shifts to a visit to a Clown Motel and a graveyard where “zombies” wander around. This is what a 1940s’ American Horror Story would portray, only if characters were dressed really well!


Watch full film below