Affordable International Delivery Just a Click Away

“We’ve got you covered! UGOTBOX brings all the brands you love right to your doorstep in great shape and condition, not to mention hassle-free and with a local competitive price – all in one box!”


For the first time in history, the Egyptian National Postal Organization has taken the digital route offering in a one-of-a-kind project by an Egypt Post owned company called Eglobal. Their vision is to transform SME’s lives through eCommerce cross border trading by offering solutions that capitalize on gaps that exist in the eCommerce industry. Egypt has entered the new age in eCommerce through Eglobal.

UGOTBOX is a cost-efficient, transparent and hassle-free way to shop from abroad and have your products delivered to your doorstep in Egypt. is backed by over 20 years of eCommerce experience. It eliminates the frustrations many customers face when ordering from multiple U.S. websites and offers its customers 30 days of free warehousing, order consolidation, lower shipping fees, customs clearance services and delivery to their location anywhere in Egypt.

UGOTBOX’s vision is to expand its services beyond the U.S. to include other markets and to enable customers to shop the globe from the comfort of their homes!

Customers get a tax-free U.S. shipping address; saving them 7% on product prices and 30 days of free storage so you can shop from as many stores as you like and have everything shipped all at once at your own convenience, as if it’s your private warehouse – so shop freely with no extra storage cost! The tax-free U.S. address you receive can be used when checking out from any U.S. online store.  Once you have finished shopping, one-click is all it takes to decide which order you want to ship to Egypt. Experts will consolidate and pack all items into one box and save customers up to 80% on international shipping, domestic and clearance fees. The box is shipped to Egypt, cleared through customs and delivered to the customers’ doorsteps.

UGOTBOX is built on consistency and being committed to providing customers with an experience full of ease and transparency. Their vision expands to a new age of shopping where instead of shipping each order on its own, all orders are collected and shipped at once. What does that mean? Well it’s simple, when consolidating orders, you are saving money on shipping fees, clearance fees and delivery.

The brand runs on legitimacy, backed by the most credible shipping entity in Egypt, all costs are transparent before pressing the final button, giving a sense of safety to the consumer and awareness – with no surprise factor waiting for them at the end of the tunnel.


UGOTBOX is here to open borders, ease the process and change the way you shop and here are the 10 reasons why they are special:

  1. UGOTBOX is one of Eglobal’s projects, a company owned by PFI, the investment arm of Egypt Post. Egypt post is following a digital and comprehensive transformation in its services and is continuously expanding its services.
  2. UGOTBOX offers a variety of products by giving access to different stores in the U.S. Market.
  3. UGOTBOX guarantees the utmost safety and security with every transaction.
  4. UGOTBOX is committed to offering a consistent service and a pleasurable customer experience every time.
  5. UGOTBOX is transparent with their customers, providing them with all details upfront in terms of fees: Shipping fees are included upfront at checkout and the final international shipping rates are based on overall weight which can be estimated through a shipping calculator on the website, as for customs and any other fees; they are provided by contacting customer service before the customer makes the order.
  6. UGOTBOX engages with their customers by providing them with notifications and constant emails with live updates every step of the way.
  7. UGOTBOX ‘s website is hassle-free and user-friendly.
  8. UGOTBOX guarantees money saving by consolidating all items in one box to save up to 80% on international shipping, domestic and clearance fees. The box is then shipped to Egypt, cleared through customs and delivered to the customers’ doorsteps.
  9. UGOTBOX offers free storage to their customers for up to 30 days for customers to consolidate their purchases by offering a U.S. address.
  10. UGOTBOX is customer-centric driven, their customer is at the core of everything they do! With quality customer service, they are keen to keep their clients happy and updated every step of the way and guide them throughout.

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