Tymour Gazayerli

Egypt’s Rising Pop Star

With four song releases and three corresponding music videos under his belt already, aspiring singer/songwriter Tymour, who is just 19 years old, seems to be on his way to achieving his long-held dream of becoming a pop star. Currently a Law and Business student at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland, with studies being held online due to the pandemic, Tymour has recently had the time to seriously pursue his passion for singing and songwriting. eniGma’s Farida Shemais sat down with Tymour to find out more about his career progress since he turned heads with the release of his first song, Do I Go Back.

Throughout his young life, Tymour has demonstrated various artistic qualities. “Acting, singing, karaoke, anything that challenges my creativity,” he says. Little by little, he continued to nurture his hobbies, until he decided to take his singing to a professional level. Recommended to a producer, Tymour worked with him and his skilled and talented crew on his first release, which was welcomed positively by both friends and family.

Being born in the United States and having had an international education, it was natural for Tymour to choose to sing in English. This was a challenge for a newbie to the Egyptian music market since the audience for English songs by local creators is limited. However, Tymour was not constrained by this fact. He remained true to his talent with interpretations that are original and unique and performed in English. To his delight, the feedback from everyone around him has been very positive.

Tymour’s music is different and unlike the usual commercial releases. Displaying a vulnerability and an openness that is completely raw, his lyrics have strong, deep messages that have made an impression on listeners. These types of lyrics combined with upbeat-sounding tunes are new to the Egyptian music scene. Tymour describes the messages of his lyrics as being those of honesty, trust in oneself and embracing and chasing every opportunity. He believes in music that is honest, fresh and highlights his own growth through personal stories. Not shy about expressing his vulnerability and the need to embrace change, his lyrics address his past self as he looks forward to a brighter future. Like his earlier releases, his latest, Slow Down, also embraces these themes. However, it is a less melancholic and more upbeat, retro-type song compared to his previous releases, Memories, Under the Sun and Do I Go Back.

Looking to the future, Tymour has big dreams of even bigger achievements. With lyrics that touch people’s hearts, catchy music and beautiful music videos, he has visions of himself winning a Grammy, performing at an award show in front of a large audience and most importantly, inspiring people all around the world with his music. Compiling an album and signing up with a major label, are not farfetched dreams for this ambitious rising star. He sees himself becoming one of a very few Egyptian successful pop stars in the world, alongside international megastars like Lorde – yes this is where his pop obsession came about! He also has plans to get into acting, for which he’s always been very keen but did not get the chance to pursue, yet.

So, stay tuned and keep watching this unstoppable rising 19-year-old as he continues to reach for the stars. His amazing start certainly bodes well for a successful career in everything he chooses to pursue.