Top Tips to Reduce Plastic Waste in Your Daily Life

Environmental awareness is the new cool, especially with so many celebrities advocating to end plastic waste. Close to home, actor Aly Kassem recently took part in Adidas’ campaign, Run for The Oceans and posted it on his Instagram account while encouraging his fans to install the Adidas Running App and to also participate in the challenge. Several other Egyptian celebrities are also lending a helping hand to save the environment, including Ahmed Magdy amongst others.

Here are some tips to help you help the environment as well. 

In the kitchen: 

– Avoid using cling film to wrap your food! Switch to beeswax cloth wraps or Tupperware to store and keep it fresh. Beeswax cloth wraps can easily be bought online or you can make them yourself, while it’s best to us Tupperware made from metal rather than plastic!

– Two easy ways to reduce plastic in the home is to make your own cleaning products and use a reusable spray bottle. An easy all-purpose cleaning spray can be made from one part vinegar to three parts water, while baking soda can be used as an easy scouring powder to remove dirt and grease in both your kitchen and bathroom. Not only will you reduce your plastic waste, but you will also save money on those over-priced cleaning products that you usually buy!

In the bathroom: 

– Switch to bars of soap rather than liquid soap in bottles. That way, you won’t be throwing away a plastic bottle every few months! These soap bars are often cheaper than liquid alternatives.

Out and About: 

– Choose to take a reusable bag to the supermarket to avoid taking home disposable plastic bags every time. Tote bags, backpacks, or even reusing the plastic bags you were given last time can reduce your plastic waste dramatically!

– We all love a takeaway coffee, and the average person gets through up to five disposable cups every week! Treat yourself to a reusable cup made from metal or reusable plastic and use it with every takeaway coffee! Many cafes even offer a discount if you use your own cup – so what’s not to love?

– Take some reusable food-ware to your workplace, so that you can have your coffee in a reusable mug and eat your lunch from a real plate! That way, when it’s your colleagues’ birthday and you want a slice of cake, you can avoid that plastic plate and fork!

– During the pandemic, buy a large bottle of hand sanitiser so you can keep filling up your smaller portable bottles. That way, you don’t have to keep buying the smaller bottles and you will seriously reduce your plastic waste! It is also much cheaper in the long run.