Top 10 Looks That Rocked The Golden Globes


By: Rachel Stinson


When you think of an event like the Golden Globes, attires that come to mind are usually evening dresses, gowns and perfectly cut tuxedos. This year’s Golden Globes was a special edition, with women opting to wear black to show solidarity for victims of sexual abuse and harassment – following the scandals that shook the movie industry in 2017.   While, as expected, everyone was still looking their best at the 2018 Golden Globes, we’ve chosen to focus on the 10 of the women in black who truly owned the colour and managed to integrated it perfectly with their total outfit.


Margot Robbie

Margot Robbie looked absolutely stunning in her black Gucci dress. The dress was a full-on gown with beautiful embroidery and a plunging neckline that allowed her to show just enough skin. She paired this dress with Tiffany earrings and topped it all off with a white gold ring with pearls.

Dakota Johnson

Dakota Johnson channeled her inner princess with a black flowing Gucci gown. The dress was awesome and it complemented her skin tone perfectly.

Claire Foy

Claire Foy made an unsurprising move this year, opting for a black Stella McCartney full suit. The suit basically had it all – a slightly plunging neckline (As the actress isn’t particularly known for showing too much of her chest region), no inner shirt and all the class that comes with the attire.

Issa Rae

Issa Rae is never one to back down from making a dare or two.  She showed that she could also make gambles with her outfit. With a black custom Prabal Gurung dress at the event, Issa turned heads for sure. The dress had a high slit, allowing her to show off some of her perfectly long toned legs.

Gal Gadot

Gal Gadot is known for epitomizing grace, even with simpler numbers. Her look at the Globes  was a testament to that, as the actress opted for a simple Tom Ford dress and paired it with a set of stunning Tiffany chandelier earrings and a diamond bracelet. Talk about mixing simplicity and elegance.

Alicia Vikander

Alicia Vikander has built a reputation for having a rather calm demeanor, with occasional displays of her more adventurous side (case and point; Tomb Raider).  She showed more of the former, with a stunning black Louis Vuitton dress.

Kendall Jenner

Although her acne seemed to steal the spotlight, nothing can take away from the fact that this top model has developed into a fashion icon. Kendall wore a magnificent black Giambattista Valli gown to the 75th Golden Globes. Paired with black heels and ample jewelry, Kendall’s look was simply stunning.

Emma Stone

Emma Stone accompanied Billie Jean King to the Golden Globes on Sunday, and her choice of a black custom Louis Vuitton dress could not possibly be more perfect. The outfit embodied grace, and she rocked it with style.

Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson continued to show off her ever-evolving style at the Golden Globes on Sunday with her Valentino Haute Couture gown. The black gown had a plunging neckline the see-through material allowed her to show off as much skin as she liked.

Emilia Clarke

The Mother of Dragons definitely made her presence felt, with a graceful black Miu Miu gown that accentuated her amazing figure.