The holidays take a toll on all of us; no one is an exception to the rule. We stop exercising, we eat unhealthy food and we just drop the balanced lifestyle we may have previously led. However, it is not difficult to get back on track. Here are a few tips that will definitely enable you to jump back into your consistent workout routine after the holidays.


  1. Don’t overwhelm yourself

When you’ve taken a long break from working out, it is always a good idea to start slow in order to get back into the routine without overwhelming your body. Don’t just decide to go sprinting straight away; take it easy and go for a low intensity class such as Pilates or Yoga, so that your body can adjust to working out without becoming overly sore.


  1. Write down your workout days in a planner

Lots of people always find it helpful to write down a specific schedule that they should follow. When you physically write what you need to do, you are more inclined to actually do it because you have a higher sense of commitment to the action. Choose 3-4 days during the week to workout, and write those days down in your calendar or planner so that it is a set schedule for you that you will want to commit to.


  1. Find a workout buddy

There is nothing more motivating than working out in pairs or in groups, especially when the person has a positive influence on you. Find someone who is interested in following a workout plan similar to yours and synchronise your workouts together. Two people can motivate each other much more than one person can manage on their own.


  1. Pay for your classes/gym membership in advance

This is a definite reassurance that you will not skip a single workout that you have planned for the month. When you pay for one class at a time, you are less inclined to go to the gym, or to that class. Paying an entire month will subconsciously force you to workout and stay committed because it will feel like an obligation rather than an option.


  1. Try out new things!

Workouts that lack variety can get extremely boring, and thus cause us to be less motivated to get back into the routine. Challenge yourself every day and try new, different and fun workouts. Working out does not have to be boring; there is a wide range of things you can do to keep your exercise life interesting and constantly motivational.


Here’s hoping you get back from the holidays in the mood to recommit to a healthier, fitter and happier lifestyle!