Tips for Eating Healthy During Ramdan

By Amira Ashour IG:@streetstyledubai

Ramadan healthy habits and beyond!

With Ramadan at our doors, we always feel the urge to carry the weight responsibility of cooking anxiety! It’s a different life style!
What we don’t know that Ramadan is the perfect healthy lifestyle! According to Harvard health; fasting have become one of the most successful routines for the ultimate healthy life style! All we need to do is practice the healthy way by these steps:
 ⁃ For iftar your meal should include a home made healthy vegetables soup, proteins (chicken, meat or fish) Steamed or stir fried with healthy oils (coconut is a perfect option) and yes using ghee is so healthy as it’s pure.. A simple Salad is essential, Rocca, cucumbers, tomatoes and spring onions, be careful with dressings; use olive oil and fresh lemon instead of ready made dressings.. main course should contain of steamed vegetables or our traditional dishes (Molokhiya, spinach, okra, etc..)all these are healthy options and of course you can have rice;  just one handful spoon!
 ⁃ For Suhoor .. keep it simple, you can have Suhoor early! Nothing is wrong with that! It should be light, using protein bread, eggs, less salt cottage cheese (Areesh) with olive oil, make sure to have greens with each meal it’s a life changer!
Cut out on sugars and processed cheese, carbs anything canned or ready made with added sugar, stick to homemade sweets-once a week as a cheat meal, but have dates, as they are filled with vitamins.. This should be a life style to live by not just in Ramadan..
Ramadan Kareem ..