Think You Know Egypt?

Uncover the Country’s true beauty with the Ultimate bucket list

There are endless activities to enjoy in Egypt, especially in the summer. Whether you love to be by the sea, are addicted to the hustle and bustle of the city, or crave a peaceful desert night, you’re sure to keep finding new places to enjoy. So wake the explorer within you and get going. Here’s a list of activities you can start with…


A Bedouin Night & Stargazing

Have you ever felt like escaping the crowds, leaving your phone behind and enjoying a relaxing vibe? Well then, it’s time to head to the desert near Sharm El Sheikh where you can experience the serene life of bedouins for one or two nights. There’s nothing like stargazing in the desert to make you feel calm and at peace with yourself.

Attend an Open Air Concert at the Cairo Opera House

Throughout the summer, you can enjoy open-air concerts at the Cairo Opera House. Check out their schedule for a variety of musical performances to suit all tastes.


Pottery at Fagnoon

Get creative and sculpt your very own artistic piece of pottery at Fagnoon Art Center in Al Badrashin, Giza. You might turn out to be a master sculptor and find your true calling in life. You can also have fun, throwing the liquid clay on your friends and turning it into a mud fight.

Traditional Egyptian Food

Many of Cairo’s most famous traditional food restaurants started out as underground street vendors, and are now mainstream hubs. Try out Sobhy Kaber, located in Shobra, for the best Egyptian grilled meat. El Brens, located in Imbaba, is also a must try for the finest liver and sausage sandwiches, and molokheya. You should definitely also get a taste of the best koshary in town at Koshary El-Tahrir, aptly located in the iconic Tahrir Square. For delicious grilled chicken, just head to Andrea at any of its branches in New Cairo, Giza and Maadi. Finally, get a tasty Egyptian breakfast at Akher Sa’aa, loved for its foul, taameya, and eggs.

Henna at Khan El-Khalili

Ever wondered the beauty hacks of Cleopatra and our Egyptian ancestors? The earliest potential records of the use of henna come from Egypt. Ancient Egyptians used to decorate their hair, hands and nails with henna to look more beautiful and attractive. Henna leaves the hair and skin feeling smoother and softer. Ancient Egyptians believed that henna provides happiness and good fortune. Try out those beauty tips in Khan El Khalili.

Hiking in Sinai

Hiking in Egypt’s Sinai is definitely a form of therapy, and it applies to more areas than the Mount at St. Katherine’s. Don’t miss the famous coloured layers of rock in the ‘Coloured Canyon’ in Nuebaa,, where you can meditate and clear your mind. 

Road Trip to Alexandria

Who doesn’t enjoy road trips, especially when they are with friends? Put on your favourite music, raise the volume and sing your heart out with your friends as you head to Alexandria, the Pearl of the Mediterranean. After visiting the city’s numerous sights, try Alexandria’s famous liver sandwiches at Kebdet El-Falah, and don’t miss Azza’s refreshing ice cream.

Take a Nile Cruise or Go Sailing on a Felluca

It’s always a treat to enjoy the beautiful Nile, whether on a cruise ship between Luxor and Aswan or on a traditional felucca in Cairo.

Meditate at Fayoum

Fayoum has great settings for yoga and meditation with its serene landscape and magical lakes and waterfalls. Fayoum Oasis is located about less than two hours from southwest Cairo, and it’s easily accessible. It’s a perfect spot for those who want to escape noisy Cairo and have some time for themselves to enjoy the serenity and feeling at peace.

Snorkeling in the Red Sea

You can experience the best snorkeling in Egypt’s Red Sea, where you’ll see so many types of colourful fish and sea creatures among stunning coral reefs.

Learn Traditional Tanoura & Belly Dancing

Learn how to dance like a real Egyptian. Explore Egyptian culture by learning typical Egyptian Tanoura and belly dancing. Many studios around Egypt offer classes that introduce you to this fun side of the country’s culture.

Sandboarding in Fayoum

Enjoy a different experience of surfing for a change. Sandboarding in beautiful Fayoum awaits you!