The Ultimate Summer Hits

Each summer comes with a bunch of hits that get stuck in people’s minds and stay on repeat on the radio. Here is a list of all the bangers that took over this summer and dominated the season…Saad Lamjarrad – Adda Elkalam (End of Conversation)

The latest hit by Lamjarrad reached about 50M views on YouTube, and around 4.8M Plays on Anghami. The song is written by Amir Tema, composed by Aziz Al Shafei, distributed by Teima and the hit video was directed by Hakim Ghorab. The song was filmed in a famous circus in Paris, which took two days to shoot, and included various circus tricks.

Amr Diab – Amakin El Sahar (Nighttime Places)    

Amr Diab, the Egyptian Mega star released his new song Amakn El Sahar which was
leaked prior to the release. In spite of that, it became the most listened to song on YouTube in the Middle East as it reached 6.8M views on YouTube and 2.2M plays on Anghami in its first week. The clip was filmed in North coast, in a cheerful summer atmosphere as most of the clip was on the sea and at night at parties.

Hussein Al Jasmi – Bel Bunt El 3ared (In Bold)

The Emirati singer Hussain Al Jassmi released a new song Bel Bunt El Aared which garnered over 41M views, two weeks after it was posted on YouTube, besides 3.7M plays on Anghami. The song is written by Ayman Bahgat Qamar and composed by Al Jasmi himself. The song’s melody and lyrics are lighthearted which makes you want to dance and sing along.

Tamer Hosny & Esseily – Ekhteraa (Invention)

Tamer Hosny and Mahmoud Elessily, the two Egyptian mega stars, dropped a new collaboration and immediately took the world by storm. After three days of its release, the music video garnered 6.4M views on Rotana’s page on YouTube. The song sparks a sense of joy and listeners can’t help but get up on their feet when it comes on.

Mohamed Ramadan & Super Sako – Tik Tok

The Egyptian mega star Mohamed Ramadan collaborated in the song Tik Tok with the Armenian DJ Super Sako. In just under one month, the video clip reached 16M views, and 1.3M plays on Anghami. The clip was filmed between Egypt and the United States, with each of the stars filming in their home country.

Elissa- Habet Ahtmam (Attention)

The song Habet Ehtmam by the Lebanese singer, Elissa, achieved 3.8M views in one month, through Rotana’s official channel on YouTube. The song was written by Amir Teama, composed by Ziad Burji and distributed by Ahmad Ebraheem. Although the song is a bit sad, it achieved huge sales, and the reason behind that may be because of the song’s lyrics being so real.

Angham-Bahbk W Bartahlk (I Love & Trust You)

Egyptian singer Angham surprised her audience by releasing a new music video for her new song Bahbk W Bartahlk in a new style, which is completely different from her previous work. The clip launched through TikTok and went on to trend in the top 10 on YouTube. The atmosphere in the clip is cheerful, reflecting the festive summer atmosphere and vibes.

Salma Rachid – Arhali Galbi (Calm My Heart)

The Moroccan hit is one of the favorite summer hits, garnering over 4.7 million views in just two weeks. Salma Rachid, the Morrocan sensation, sings the song with so much life it’s rocking almost all North Coast clubs and beaches. Although the song’s setting is in a normal traditional neighborhood, it can still be used as a party song. The dance beat
along with the choreography in the music video gives it so much life. People are happy with the hit song, and needless to say, are anxiously waiting for more hits from Salma Rachid. It’s one of the rare times non-Egyptian songs dominate the Egyptian music market.

Amgad Gomaa – Ana Lama Bheb (When I Love)

Ana Lama Bheb (When I love) by the Syrian Amgad Domaa has gained massive popularity and media attention, as it’s pretty unique with regards to music beats and lyrics. Having a catchy main lyric, it had people all over the world singing it without really knowing the rest
of the lyrics. Gomaa’s music career got a big boost with this hit, which is being played in weddings and engagement parties all over Egypt, and in TikTok videos, too.

Mohamed Hamaki – Howa Da Habeeby (That’s My Sweetheart)

Howa Da Habeeby (That’s My Sweetheart) by Hamaki is already gaining attention. The summer song is spreading around pretty fast so it’s no surprise that it hit the top charts. The song’s video already hit five million views on YouTube, and the number is expected to increase with everyone waiting for an official music video. The unique flute sound in the song gives it a unique sense of Sahel vibes, and invites people to play around with it and create their own remixes!