The Red Carpet Route

How British Airways takes you to LA in Style

Los Angeles, the City of Angels, LALA land, whatever you call it, you have to admit it’s one of the most beautiful, exciting, and fun cities in the world. Just thinking about LA conjures up memories of sunshine and palm trees. eniGma’s Editor-in-Chief brings you all the details on the perfect ‘route’ to get to LA.

LA also offers the interesting contradiction of being a city that is also relaxed and seemingly slow paced, when it’s a dynamic and bustling hub of new ideas, talent, trends, with innovative entrepreneurs at its core. It’s a city that makes you feel anything can happen; you just need to dream it and then let the City of Angels decide your fate.


As LA exudes positive energy, I try and make it there as much as I can. And thanks to British Airways’ (BA) amazingly comfortable “Red Carpet Route” on the new huge double decker A380, I actually look forward to flying as much as the destination! I usually start my LA journeys from Cairo, on the morning flight that gets you to London’s Heathrow mid-day and offers the perfect connection time for BA’s 4 pm direct flight to LA. Most other Middle Eastern cities also offer great connections to LA, making the long distance that much more bearable. And for those of us travelling from Cairo, the connection allows enough time to use BA’s beautiful Concorde, First class and Business class lounges (depending on your class of travel) at Terminal 5, as well as peruse the huge selection of shops and restaurants on offer. And with the comfortable connection time, you can even get yourself red carpet ready with manicures, pedicures, and eyebrow shaping at Terminal 5’s salon – I did that once and boarded my flight feeling super glam and fresh. Terminal 5 is also one of the few terminals that offers truly great tax free shopping. So if you need an extra item or two to get into the LA groove, check out the great selection at Harrods or one of the many designer shops on offer.

Of course if you prefer, you can just stay in one of Terminal 5’s six BA lounges and enjoy their great food and facilities. Since the flight from Heathrow to LA is 11 hours, it’s really worth paying a little bit extra to fly business (or first class) if you can afford it. The benefits of doing so will be felt as soon as you board from Cairo, because BA really has some of the most comfortable business class seats in the world. Then at the BA lounge in Heathrow’s Terminal 5, you can make use of the Elemis Spa and book a mini massage or treatment while you wait for your connection (just make sure to book your appointment as soon as you get to the lounge). BA’s Executive Club also ensures that business class travellers with enough BA miles get the opportunity to use the First Class lounges in Terminal 5, which are truly spacious, beautifully designed, and extremely comfy. You can even head to the lounge’s restaurant and order a proper meal from their menu selection, so you can spend more time sleeping on board.


Getting on board of BA’s brand new A380s, which are so sleek, modern, and roomy, is my favourite part. I always choose to be on the upper deck, as the A380 offers one that is truly spacious and intimate at the same time. Yet before you settle in your seat on the Red Carpet Route, it’s worth taking a glimpse around as you will often find some big shot celebrities in business class. I once had the actor Jared Leto in the seat right next to me and on another flight, the late Robin Williams was just a few rows away. It’s a testament to how good BA’s business class is when some of the biggest celebrities in the world choose business class over first. Having said that, on the Red Carpet Route it’s almost impossible not to have a celebrity with you in first class; I’ve spotted Sienna Miller, Mick Jagger, George Michael, Lionel Richie, Kate Hudson, Colin Firth (right after his Oscar win, with his Oscar in hand), Naomi Campbell, Edward Norton, and Victoria Beckham over the years. So it’s pretty clear, BA is clearly the airline of choice for the stars and the British royals as well (who all fly BA).

And once you get to your BA business class seat you will know why. There are two Club World (Business Class) cabins on each deck, where new and innovative seats have been built to suit the clients’ comfort. Moreover, the new business class seats convert to a 6ft flat bed in a Z position for increased relaxation. An additional interior storage space is also offered so you can place your laptop or iPad nearby and access it anytime. Also, the new seat configurations give you more privacy while you’re working or sleeping with aisle access in both directions.


Once you’ve relaxed into your comfy seat and have started reading or watching a movie, a delicious starter, main course, and dessert will be served, while refreshments and snacks are available in the “Club Kitchen” throughout the flight. And the food is actually really good on BA’s long haul flights; this is one detail the airline never skimps on.

But don’t be fooled, the A380 isn’t only about luxury, having travellers entertained at all times is a high priority for BA and their guests. And because BA knows it has a lot of frequent travellers, its Airbus A380 includes a wide range of entertainment choices for its clients. They always have the latest movies, television shows, and video games on offer, including over 100 Hollywood blockbusters and classic films, and over 600 television shows. That’s why I use this journey to catch up on all the latest films and TV shows that I have missed!

So with summer around the corner, it’s the perfect time to book your own Red Carpet route to LA. The city truly sparkles in summer and you can enjoy the beautiful beach areas of Santa Monica, Venice, and Malibu, which are all less than an hour drive away. And in LA you can stay in fabulous five-star hotels at half the price of their European counterparts (which are often less comfortable too); making the long journey worthwhile as you can afford to stay there much longer. 

And with BA’s Red Carpet Route making the long journey so comfortable, the distance doesn’t even faze me anymore. Trust me on this one, fly BA to LA and you will soon also make LA one of your favourite destinations…

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