The Ramadan Rewind Guide

The Most Iconic Egyptian Series to Binge Watch

Did you run out of shows to watch on Netflix? Well, there’s nothing better than rewinding and going back in time to enjoy some of the past Ramadan shows that have stood the test of time. Here are some of our favourite series that are still just as good today as they were when they first aired…

Bakiza & Zaghloul (1986)

Sohair El-Bably and Essad Younes are perhaps one of the most beloved duos.It all dates back to 1986 with the airing of their hit Ramadan series which made everyone cry tears of laughter. It was followed by a reunion film only two years later. The comedic duo portraying an elegant mother and her tomboyish step daughter made for a dynamic on screen chemistry like no other.

Layaly El Helmeya (1987-2016)

With its six seasons full of vicious fights and nonstop drama, Layaly el Helmeya (Helmeya Nights) is a legendary series that has stood the test of time. If you haven’t see it, your parents probably have, and they probably swear by it too. The show’s first season aired in 1987 and we can’t get enough of this thrilling classic and you won’t either. If you haven’t seen this show yet, hop onto the bandwagon because you’re 33 years late.

Yawmeyat Wanees (1994-2013)

With eight entire seasons to nibble on during this time of quarantine, Yawmeyat Wanees (Diares of Wanees) is an excellent show to binge watch. Through its hilarious narration and comedic situations, Yawmeyat Wanees leaves its watchers with a lesson learned, reflecting much of what its star, Mohamed Sobhy, stands for.

Lan Aeesh Fe Gelbab Abi (1996)

Lan Aeesh Fe Gelbab Abi (I Won’t Live in My Father’s Shadow) should be another way to spell the word ‘iconic’. With Nour El Sherif and Abla Kamel as the stars, this show took the Ramadan race by storm back in 1996, and somehow has continued to dominate to this day. This dramedy is wrong in all the right ways and whenever it airs on TV, no one can turn away.

Aelat El Hag Metwaly (2001)

One man, plus four wives, equals absolute mayhem. And a hilarious script, plus an incredible cast like Nour El Sherif, Ghada Abdel Razek, Somaya El Khashab and Magda Zaki, equals a legendary show. Aelat El Hag Metwaly (El Hag Metwaly’s Family) has impacted pop culture with its almost ridiculous plot, so much so that it is still generating memes to this day. If you were born after 2001 and still haven’t seen this show, you’re missing out.

Hadith El Sabah Wel Masaa (2001)

Set in the early 1900s, Hadith El Sabah Wel Masaa (A Tale of Day and Night) from 2001 starring none other than the legendary Laila Eloui, Abla Kamel, Menna Shalaby and Dalal Abdelaziz, was a thought provoking sociopolitical story about different families from different backgrounds and the everyday problems that they face. What’s interesting about this show is that its script still applies to society today, making it a timeless show worth many re-watches.

Ayna Qalby? (2002)

This Yousra classic definitely stood the test of time. First airing in Ramadan of 2002, Ayna Qalby? (Where’s My Heart?) captivated audiences with its cheesy and overdramatic plot of forbidden love and the life of a strong mother doing the best she can for her reckless teenagers. It helped that the cast didn’t only include Yousra, but young stars that have grown in front of our eyes like Menna Shalaby, Ahmed Ezz and Mai Ezz Eldin.

El Hakika Wal Sarab (2003)Fifi Abdou, oh Fifi Abdou… what an absolute legend playing the absolute legendary role of the vengeful Soraya. Saying this show has become an Egyptian pop cultural landmark would be an extreme understatement. If you binge watch El Hakika Wal Sarab (The Truth and a Mirage) now, you’ll start noticing every single meme that you may have come across on social media originating from this show, and that will only double the enjoyment of this classic.

Yetraba Fe Ezzo (2007)

The Yetraba Fe Ezzo (Raise Him with Wealth) theme song still lingers in the back of everyone’s mind, and it may just continue to do so for all eternity; that’s just how memorable this show is.Starring the living legend, Yehia El Fakharany, this show has made us laugh with its quirky and quite spoiled main character, Hamada Ezzo, since it first aired in 2007.

Segn El Nesa (2014)Nelly Karim, Ruby and Dorra were among the star-studded cast of the 2014 female-led Segn El Nesa (Women’s Prison). The critically acclaimed show was heartbreaking and served as a wake up dose of reality for many of us. If you haven’t binged this impressive piece of work, you must. The acting and the directing, as well as the scriptwriting were stellar and some of the best in Egypt’s history.

Taht El Saytara (2015)Now onto some of the more recent iconic Ramadan shows, Taht El Saytara (Under Control) is objectively, an amazing watch. With Nelly Karim as the star of this drama, the 2015 show discussed drug abuse and sobriety in a way that we hadn’t seen before on the Egyptian screen. Not only that, it also gave Jamila Awad her breakout role as the out-of-control teen, Hanya.

Grand Hotel (2016)

Without a doubt the biggest show in Ramadan of 2016 was Grand Hotel, starring Amina Khalil, Amr Youssef and Ahmed Dawood, among others. The thriller/mystery series kept fans wondering about the twists and turns awaiting them in each upcoming episode and we were all glued to our television screens throughout. Good news, the show can now be streamed on Netflix!