The Design Avenue is a design firm specializing in interior, architectural and landscape designs.  It was founded in 2009 by architect/managing partner, Karim Shoukry, together with Mohamed Ali, the team’s architect/design studio leader and managing partner.  They took on Egypt’s design world by storm with their creative designs and original ideas for a variety of work spaces, armed with a vision and a new, more effective way of thinking.  Shoukry passionately explains, “We believe your working environment can affect your productivity and the quality of your work.  Take a moment and imagine going to your office in the morning, yet with a smile on your face just because the space brings out a positive vibe that affects you constructively.”

Aiming to build a team of innovative engineers and designers, Shoukry and Ali were later joined by Mohamed Talaia, the team’s senior architect/commercial department, and Sarah Awad, their junior architect/commercial department.  Together they work as a team, building on each other’s strengths, capably coordinating their creative ideas and points of views, translating them realistically, and selling them to clients.

According to Shoukry, “The most important part of our studio is our working environment, which is reflected in a high level of creativity, the quality of the work we do and the product itself.  This is not a one man show; every person has his own rules, and every person works as if he’s the manager of the studio.  We give each other the space to be creative in our own different ways.  We also care about teaching our associates and fresh new recruits the latest programs and most recent strategies to keep them constantly updated; for example, we used to outsource our 3D designs, but now the whole crew knows how to use the 3D max program.  We  teach it to all new members of our team.  Our goal is to build personalities who know the market well, can sell their creative ideas, can think outside the box, and most importantly, are well qualified to deal with the clients and to satisfy their needs.”

Located in Heliopolis, The Design Avenue started its journey with only two departments, the design department and the contracting department.  As demand for its services expanded, the firm grew rapidly and professionally, taking on various accounts and projects. Ali explains that they are currently working on expanding their office space to accommodate more team members, adding that “while every member of the team has his own goal, all goals fit together in our overall designs.  Our strongest suit is team work. At the end of the day we work hand in hand to create something exceptional.”  The firm has worked on and satisfactorily delivered more than 30 well known commercial projects all over Egypt, including well known cafes such as Baladi, Hookah and Lychee Fruitbar, as well as the furniture store, El Dokan.  They have also worked on several residential projects, including landscape, architectural, and interior designs.


Awad and Talaia explain that they design their projects aiming to give an edge to the place as well as provide a memorable experience.  Primarily, The Design Avenue team create their designs according to the identity of the space they’re working on, picking a theme that can stand out and fit the client’s needs, practically and artistically.  Awad adds, “every place we have designed has a main feature that makes a statement and that people relate to.”

The Design Avenue is also known to find a solution for every obstacle, whether it’s trying to make a place seem bigger, or overcoming time and financial constraints.  Their main focus is to come up with original, unique and artistic ideas, using new materials in diverse and unusual ways.  Their solutions are as striking as they are practical.  Achieving a balance between mixing styles and fitting them in a complementary manner is what they do best.

Describing their ultimate goal, Shoukry explains with passion, “We aim to be our own clients as a Real Estate Investment and Development Firm. Commercially, The Design Avenue team aims to achieve client satisfaction by creating positive and original spaces, reflecting a solid identity that can be instantly spotted as the work of The Design Avenue.”