Disappointment: the biggest reality faced when embarking on yet another life-changing opportunity.

It could be a new career, a new relationship, or a new lunchtime bistro; we indiscriminately crave what best represents the stereotypical definition of success. But like anyone who’s felt the ego-shattering pang of failing to say that perfect comeback you just thought of when it was relevant 3 days ago, we are bound to fall short of our own delusive standards.

The fault can’t be entirely placed on our shoulders, we are in an undoubtedly interesting era where it is possible to soar to breath-taking heights or sink to soul-crushing depths. To put it philosophically, we are now all little fish in a Neptunian pond.

So, how can this realisation benefit you when you are inevitably confronted by the risk of failure? It’s easy: give up. Give up on the need to succeed or at least your definition of success. This might go against every motivational quote you have ever read, but when you open yourself up to the possibility of failing to achieve what you want, your chances of seeing opportunities in other avenues increases.

We’re born ingrained with the notion that we can be whatever we want, why then must we all have the same destination? Next time your visa is rejected or you are denied a second interview, know that once you accept the futility of the minor things, you conserve your energy for what really matters. Challenge yourself to cut a new path through life. Accept failure and embrace the opportunities that come with it.