Techcessories: Wearable Technology with LG

Word has it, fashion and technology is often thought of as oil and water, just can’t mix. Fashion and art belong to right-brained creatives, while left-brain-driven scientists and engineers usually favor the efficiency of the tech world. But, research has long ago proven this pop science myth wrong, so isn’t it time to overlook the haphazard distinction between fashion and technology already?

This misconception made it hard for people to accept the two as one entity, thinking that in order to achieve that, people will be dressed head to toe in high-tech. Surprisingly enough, technology has already made it big into the world of fashion. Except for a few bizarre products, fashionable and wearable tech-accessories are already being adopted in masses by hip users from all around the world.

By giving smart accessories a go, you will boost your choices to mix and match. And, here we give you LG’s recent collection of wearable technology, which is all about putting you in control. The G Watch Urbane 2ndEdition gives users unprecedented customization options, blurring the line between fashion and technology. LG’s TONE Ultra is the most popular line of Bluetooth headphones, largely because there is a perfect model for every user. Those seeking the way forward for wearable technology need to look no further than the accessories that have already proven successful. So, there is absolutely no reason for you to be shy to rock your cool Hi-tech adornments. They are now both fashionable and efficient, and will definitely have you up to date.