On the morning of the event, with his historic Hand and Foot Imprint ceremony only a few hours away, Tamer headed to the TCL Chinese Theatre in Hollywood to go through the program for the evening and do a quick rehearsal. At the theatre, the eniGma team did a sound check to ensure that every detail of the ceremony and event would be perfect. Hosny also did a sound check on stage to make sure his performance would be flawless that evening. Once he was satisfied, he practised his grand entrance from the theatre’s forecourt on to the red carpet and then on to the stage for the big ceremony. Many of Hosny’s fans were present to witness their favourite star’s last minute preparations before the historic event took place. While Hosny was obviously focused on his rehearsal, he
still managed to make time for selfies and photos with all those who came early to get a glimpse of their favourite star and experience history in the making.


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