With the latest Spider-man movie “Into the Spider-Verse” on its way, Rani El-Khatib, Founder and Director of Rasas Advertising, stated that it was only natural that they choose a real “Hero”,  Superstar Tamer Hosny, to voice the character of Peter Parker or Spider-man in the Arabic version of the animation.

Speaking to MBC 4’s popular lifestyle show Trending, Tamer Hosny revealed that he is excited to play a character whom he and his children love and always talk about.  And although he and Spider-man have lots in common, Tamer added his personal, humorous touch to the character, with jokes that fans in the Arab world will relate to.

Produced and distributed by Sony, Marvel and Colombia, the animation also includes voices (with different dialects) from all over Arab world such as Emirati actor Abdulla Al Junaibi who plays the villain, The Kingpin; Talia Tarkan who plays Gwen Stacey; and Hisham El Shazly who plays the role of Spider-man’s father.

The movie will hit the big screens worldwide on 12 December 2018.