Studio Five’s Cutting-Edge Design: White 105

Studio Five, one of the most distinguished and innovative design firms, was established in 2013 by five Egyptian architectural masterminds; their vision is to transform the design scene in the region. They boast projects with a wide variety of exquisite designs under their belt. What is distinguishable about this firm is their strategy which fuses contemporary and modern designs in order to deliver the most aesthetically pleasing homes to their clients. The award-winning design team specialises mainly in architecture, interior design and consultancy. With their headquarters located in Cairo, Egypt, Studio Five has managed to expand their offices to Dubai, UAE and Houston, Texas.

The cruciality of a delicate and accurate execution to implement one of their most distinguished designs was assessed and hence, Studio Five was on the lookout for the greatest contractor to help their vision come to life. Thus, Miro Contractors were assigned the job to execute one of the most original, state-of-the-art home designs entitled: WHITE 105. These reputable contractors are known for their reliability, excellence and precision in execution whilst maintaining high quality control services.

WHITE 105 is a mesmerising dream estate located in the heart of Kattameya Heights, a gated community that encompasses Egypt’s most paramount homes. As you enter this home, you will find yourself in the midst of a majestic forest with a luxurious white home in its center. The white marble scattered all over complements the glass walls and instantaneously appeals to ones senses.