The Stars’ Wish List for 2018

A new year could mean different things to different people. It can stand for a new beginning, a new to-do list or a bright new outlook on life. eniGma’s Mohamed Hesham caught up with some of Egypt’s most glamorous celebrities to check out their New Year’s resolutions.


“I wish for the whole world to be safe. I wish for a world free of poverty and cruelty and full of kindness and tenderness – a place where love and forgiveness are all around and a place where the slightest humane acts and achievements are acknowledged”

Nelly Karim

“In 2018, I wish for health, wealth, love, success and peace!”


Hend Sabri

“I wish for a year with no time wasted on trivial or negative thoughts, and a lot of time spent on meaningful people and actions. I wish for good health to my family and everyone around me, and I wish the world comes back to its senses. I wish we could all realise the nonsense that is war and violence. Lastly, I wish we could all have a little more love to give. Happy New Year!”


Abla Fahita

“I only wish my boobs match the grandeur of my dreams for 2018 #the_susu_year”



“The most important thing to me is health. If one is healthy, then everything else will be okay. There is nothing that’s insolvable. I also wish to be with my loved ones, to appreciate the value of each moment and to make the best out of it. Lastly, I wish for a healthy state for our country this year”


Mohamed Diab

“My wish is that before the new year is over, I would have directed a new film.  I also wish the international  film I have been working on abroad proceeds at a faster pace and reaches the stage when we start shooting.  I’ve been dreaming to do it for six years.  I also wish to write a film for my wife  or with my wife that she would direct.  Most importantly, I wish that my work doesn’t take me away from my family, and that God will protect my small family, and my extended one”


Ahmed El Fishawy

“I wish for peace all over the world”


Bushra Rozza

“I wish for world peace and more love. I wish to never accept something less than what I’m worth. I want to spend more time with family and friends, and travel more to appreciate the fact that we are not alone in this world. I wish to help others through charity, and to realise that  sometimes just listening to people  is better than 10 charity events”


Yosra El Lozy

“I wish I get to spend more time with my family and to get back in touch with friends I lost contact with along the way, especially people living abroad or far away in Egypt”


Razan El Moghrabi

“My everlasting New Year’s resolution is to be healthier and to take more care of myself, to take it easy, have more fun and to smile 365 days a year. I want to work more on myself – better time, anger, and stress management.  I want to spend more time with my kid, Ram and with my family, who live everywhere. I also want to be able to manage my time between three cities (Lebanon, London and Cairo), and between TV presenting, acting and events, and to have time to travel more and see the world… and on a more serious note, I wish for world peace”


Amr Salama

“I want to use communication gadgets less, so that I can communicate better”