Stars Look at the Bright Side

Positive Vibes from Your Favourite Celebs

The past weeks have been hard on everyone around the world, but it has been tougher on some more than others. eniGma’s Mohamed Hesham caught up with some of our favourite stars to have them share some positive words of encouragement.

Ahmad AlFishawy

“This message is from me to all the eniGma readers – Stay home, stay positive and stay safe.”

Yosra El Lozy

“I would be lying if I said my morale was great, especially that I’m a little worried about giving birth to my second child during this time. However, I try to look at the bright side and appreciate the fact that I’m getting to spend some quality time with my husband and daughter that I would never be able to in normal circumstances. It is also a good time to appreciate what we have, and to realise that many people around the world cannot afford to stay home from work because they need to feed their families.”

May Elghety

“It’s been a particularly difficult time that no one could’ve anticipated. However, just as this pandemic has pressed pause on our lives, it pressed pause on my anxiety. I am treating this as an opportunity to introspect and cultivate a better understanding of myself, and my concerns. I have allowed myself to grow during this crisis and I’ve learned to become more resilient for all other crises that will follow after this one ends.”

Ola Roshdy

“The current situation has definitely highlighted the important things in life, how we had been busy running around like bees, not stopping to smell the flowers on the way! We can now stop, look at the flowers, smell them, let their beauty really sink in and understand the reason for their whole existence. We get to now know ourselves and our family better. We get to see the real them and us. When all this ends, we can take away the good habits and useful routines we developed and continue life in a more peaceful and meaningful way.”

Salma Abu Deif

“I’m trying to make the most out of this time, to stay positive and recharge. I’m spending most of my time just eating and sleeping. I’ve watched so many movies and I’ve checked stuff off my list that I’ve been putting off for a long time.”

Hend Abdelhalim

“This experience has helped me appreciate the small things, like gatherings, family time and work. It also helped me work on myself; it gave me time to know more about my talents and to work on them. Now, I count my blessings, especially having my friends around. I’m trying to make the best of it by working out at home and spending more time with my family.”

Nicolas Mouawad

“It’s okay not to feel okay. I’m seeing a lot of people encouraging others to be happy, to work out, and to learn new skills. I agree that this is good advice, but at the same time, people have to know that it’s okay not to feel okay. Whatever they feel, they have the right to feel this way. I understand people who are not as positive. Keep reminding yourselves that it’s not in your hands, and work towards embracing whatever you feel like doing, even if you end up doing nothing.”

Razan El Moghrabi

“It’s surreal what’s happening right now, but as a positive person, I always take any awkward circumstance and turn it into something positive. Family comes first, for sure. I left Egypt on the 27th of February, and I’m now stranded in Lebanon filming, Lebanon is where I’m from, but I’m away from my current home, which is where my family is. I’ve lived through war in Lebanon when I was growing up, so we had to go to shelters a lot when we were young and we used to have to entertain ourselves without water or electricity, which helped us appreciate what we had later on. Nothing lasts forever, of course. But definitely the world is going to change after this.”

Lara Scandar

“Look up, and if you see a roof over your head, a family that fills the rooms of your house and food on your table whenever you fancy, then you’re blessed. I’ve learned how blessed we are and how we sometimes take things for granted. Sometimes it takes being away from the outside world to see what’s important inside.”

Bassel Alzaro

“My motto in life is “draw smiles on people’s faces.” You can do that either through charity work, helping someone out with anything or even just a kind word. Even entertaining people through TikTok videos or just any content can go a long way. What I learned in quarantine is discipline, cooking and cleaning the house. I gained handyman skills; now, I’m able to fix things around the house. Also, if you choose to be lazy and not do anything, that’s also your right and that’s fine. The world is going to change after all this is over. For the better, though. It’s very nice to see nature flourish; it’s heartwarming.”

Naglaa Badr

“Being close to family during this time is the best thing I’ve come out of this with. I’m so in touch with my extended family now, and it’s so nice. We do video calls and group chats. I discovered that I have hidden talents, like planting. I apparently have a green thumb. I started collecting plants and planting, and it’s such a nice feeling. Caring for nature is very relaxing. I spend a lot of time with my husband now; it’s my fourth year of marriage and we’re finally getting to talk more and spending quality time together. Doing more reading has also been amazing. As much as there are negatives right now, there are also positives, and believe me, everything happens for a reason. Rediscover yourself and let yourself take a break.”