Who are the brilliant individuals behind Ramadan’s hottest TV series? We normally just focus on the superstar actors, while some choose to credit the directors or producers. For a change we’d like to unveil some other notable artists who worked tirelessly behind the scenes and deserve equal credit for the success of some of this year’s most outstanding series. From creative writers, to talented costume designers and soundtrack composers, here are our top selections for the most impressive hidden talents.

Layali Eugenie’s Costume Designer: Yasmin Al Qadi

Yasmin Al Qadi

Eugénie Nights, set in 1940s Port Said, is named after a nightclub called Eugénie after the Empress of France who was a guest of honour at the opening ceremony of the Suez Canal. Costume designer Yasmin Al Qadi impressed audiences with her slew of classy ensembles depicting how elegant the Egyptian middle class was in that era. The actresses sported pretty dresses, while the actors wore a range of well-fitting tuxedos, vests, and chic suits. Time travel in its finest!

Kalabsh II’s Scriptwriter: Baher Dewidar

Baher Dewidar

If there’s one show that kept the audience on the edge of their seats, it was the most-anticipated sequel of action drama Kalabsh. Writer Baher Dewidar took over the second part with a non-stop flux of plot twists and an action-filled series of injustices that occur in an honest policeman’s life. Amidst the guns, the deaths and the endless turns of events that barrel towards each climax, viewers stayed tuned, yearning for more. There’s no doubt that fans are waiting for a third installment!

Tayea’s Music Editor: Yasser Abdelrahman

Yasser Abdelrahman

Tayea’s plot takes place in Upper Egypt and follows the life of a medical student with a strong position against traditional vengeance but finds himself in tough predicaments. Music editor Yasser Abdelrahman was behind endless rounds of goosebumps and tears with an array of iconic Arabian tunes. The flow of music tied one episode to another after the dramatic opening of the opening credits, which unambiguously brought the story to life.