The Arab world is not short on fashion prodigies who, whether you like it or not, might influence your style as much as the mannequins behind the glass windows of high-end fashion stores. However, when it comes to your lifestyle idol, whether it is an actor, singer, athlete, businessperson or model, it is not about the clothes they wear as much as it is about the way the carry themselves and their incomparable personas. Each and every one of these stars is a trendsetter on their own right, and eniGma caught up with them to let you in on their most exclusive style secrets and the inspirations behind it all.

Ahmed El Fishawy   


Nationality: Egyptian

Occupation: Actor/Director

Ahmed El Fishawy does not exude quietness and shyness through his lifestyle, nor through his fashion sense. His style is inspired by his surroundings, the places he visits, the different countries he travels to. He admits that he could even easily get inspired by movies and books. An item that is necessary to complete Fishawy’s look is his Rolex, and while he might not be shy, he would never wear skinny Jeans.

Favourite Brand: “I don’t particularly have one; I wear what I like and what makes me comfortable. If it’s different and carries a message, you’ll find me wearing it. However, when it comes to suits, I almost always go Italian.”

Stylist: Self-styled

Style icon: No one in particular.

“I am lucky to be exposed to so many different things and people in my life; style after all should be a reflection of who you are and what you experience in life. Be yourself, everything else has been seen before.” –Ahmed El Fishawy     



Nationality: Egyptian

Occupation: Actress

Zeina is the definition of daring. Her style is bold and audacious. She is the kind of woman who knows what she wants, and does not think twice about getting it. She admits that her look would never be complete without lipstick on. Her forever present and current, up to date fashion sense only further proves that Zeina was born to be a star.

Favourite Brand: Dolce & Gabana, Valentino, Roberto Cavalli, Zadig & Voltaire, Maje

Stylist: Maissa Azab

Fashion Icon: Partly, Penelope Cruz (Mostly, no one)

“Every woman has to wear what suits her body, and not necessarily follow fashion. It is essential to care about innovation and difference.” –Zeina 


Ahmed Hatem         

Nationality: Egyptian

Occupation: Actor

Less is more might apply just right on Ahmed Hatem’s style. The young actor keeps it simple with modest wear and an overall humble, but nonetheless very charming and magnetic look. He is inspired by random photos, movies and nature. He wouldn’t describe himself necessarily as a fashion-guy, but he does have a distinct and present sense of style. His go-to wardrobe staple is a scarf in winter and a head band in summer.
Favourite Brand: Ellesse, Fred Perry
Stylist: Self-styled
Fashion Icon: No one in particular
“You don’t have to follow fashion trends. Follow your own taste.” –Ahmed Hatem 


Riham Abdel Ghafour 


Nationality: Egyptian

Occupation: Actress

Riham Abdel Ghafour won our hearts and admiration with her girl next door style, innocent look, and laid back fashion and elegance. But, as she grows, her style evolves with her, and she is proving that she has more than her angelic charms to offer. Now as a grown woman, Abdel Ghafour knows what she likes and what she doesn’t. She has an admiration for shoes and a loathing for mink. With a more salty side to her and a daring flair that can be seen throughout her inventive roles, she is definitely an inspiration.

Favourite Brand: Cavali

Stylist: Maissa Azab

Style Icon: Jennifer Anniston

“Wear what suits you; do not be a fashion victim.” –Reham Abdel Ghafour


Yasmine Sabri  


Nationality: Egyptian

Occupation: Actress

One of the hottest stars in the Arab world at the moment is Yasmine Sabri. Some might say that her looks got her where she is, but you know this is the farthest from the truth. Yasmine’s acting chops are not only topnotch, but her style is also awe-inspiring. She draws inspiration from GCC fashion bloggers, and feels that the right shoes are integral for her look to be complete. She admits that a fashion trend she would never succumb to, though, is see-through clothing.

Favourite Brand: Balmain

Stylist: Imen El Khamissi

Style Icon: Kim Kardashian

“Always choose the style that will compliment your body figure.” –Yasmine Sabry.


Tamer Hagras   


Nationality: Egyptian

Occupation: Actor

It is undeniable that Tamer Hagras’ style is one of a kind. Whether you love his style or not, you must admit that his fashion sense is remarkable. Hagras’ style is inspired by “energy vibes and spirituality.” His look is incomplete without trendy shoes and stylish shades, even by night. He admits that he wears everything and anything, so he would never say no to a fashion trend.

Favourite Brand: Christian Pellizzari

Stylist: Self-styled

Style Icon: Dwayne Johnson, Ryan Gosling and Luke Evans

“Wear the vibe you want, not the mood you are in.” –Tamer Hagrass 


Mais Hamdan    

Nationality: Jordanian/Palestinian

Occupation: Actress, Comedian

Mais Hamdan is the epitome of a style sensation. Her style is not only daring and out there, but she is one of the rare types that look good in whatever they decide to rock on. Her mood plays a big role in what she chooses to wear and feels like buying. At the moment, however, she likes to keep it simple; she does not like to mix too many colours, growing into a more elegant and sophisticated fashionista. The things she hates the most are middy leggings and tight jeans with too much studs, and authentic stylish earrings are a necessity to complete her look.

Favourite Brand: Elizabetha Franche, Celine

Stylist: Mostly self-styled (Sometimes by sister, Dana)

Style Icon: Jennifer Lopez, Nawal El Zoghby

“Choose what fits your personality. Make it simple; always have a little black dress and a pair of Jeans in your closet. The most important touch is to accessorize your look; it’s like garnishing your plate. It completes your look.” –Mais Hamdan 


Wael Mansour  


Nationality: Egyptian

Occupation: Television Host

Wael Mansour is a charismatic, nice guy, and his personality translates through his inspired fashion sense and lighthearted style. He is enthused by simplicity, choosing to remain “the boy next door.” A basic white T-shirt is Mansour’s best friend when it comes to fashion; the way he sees it, it never goes wrong, as opposed to Moccasins, which are a total No-no for him.

Favourite Brand: Tom Ford, Dsquared2
Stylist: On shows, his favorite stylist is Cedric Haddad, but when he goes shopping for everyday basis, it’s his best friend and radio co-host, Sarah el Monzer

Style Icon: James Dean

“Don’t over-do it. Simplicity is perfection.” –Wael Mansour  


Zayneb Azzam   


Nationality:  Egyptian/Turkish

Occupation: Model

Fashion world’s It Girl, Zayneb Azzam is not making a splash for no reason. Her fashion sense is not only attractive and strikingly gorgeous, but her social media following, along with her captivating poses and authoritative presence, makes for the perfect style icon. Her style is ever-growing. She absolutely loves playing with prints and making a statement. Her wardrobe staple is her necklaces, “I feel naked without them,” she states, as opposed to anything with sequin or floral, which she would never be caught wearing.

Favourite Brand: Chloe

Stylist: Self-styled

Style Icon: Negin Mirsalehi

“Just because someone else is wearing it, doesn’t mean it will look good on you! It’s nice to have inspiration, but you really need to go the extra mile and experiment with yourself. If I could put all my outfits into a timeline, you can see my confidence evolve. It’s rewarding. I owe it to growing up and learning to love myself.” –Zayneb Azzam  


Abdullah Al Jumah 


Nationality: Saudi Arabian

Occupation: Traveler, Author

Abdullah Al Jumah draws inspiration from his travels around the world. His fashion sense is affected by everything he sees and feels throughout his journey in life – traveling, people he meets on the road and local designers in the countries he visits. Al Jumah always takes a close look at the styles of the people in any new country, embracing what fits him the most, which makes up his unique personal style. That being said, he cannot live without his plain white T-shirt and his Drive de Cartier watch. On the other hand, he cannot see himself wearing long cargo shorts.

Favorite Brand: Paul Smith, Boggi, Massimo Dutti, Scotch & Soda

Stylist: Usually, self-styled. Occasionally, styled by friends. “I also love to ask for tips from assistants in local boutique shops around the world.”

Style Icon: “I try not to get influenced by public figures in my style. Genuine and personal touches appeal to me more, and that’s the message I try to convey to my audience.”

“It’s about the taste and good matching, not the price tag.” –Abdullah Al Jumah


 Ramy Rainier


Nationality: Egyptian

Occupation: Model, Traveler, Athlete

One of the trendiest, budding, young models is Ramy Ranier, whose name is slowly, but effectively, taking the fashion world by storm. His style is unapologetically bold and wild. He loves classic times, and although he might rock a lot of designer clothing and fancy wear, his favourite thing to put on are a nice pair of jeans, while something he does not like to wear are skinny jeans.

Favourite Brand: Boss, Dolce & Gabbana

Stylist: “I style myself, but sometimes, if I am wearing Kojak, then Mohanad does the styling, and other times, I take my parents’ opinion considering the colours.”

Style Icon:  David Gandy, Chiara Ferragani

“Wear whatever makes you feel confident, because at the end of the day, it’s not the clothes that make the difference, but the attitude and the confident look.” –Ramy Rainier   

Suzan Idris  


Nationality: Sudanese

Occupation: Model

Young model, Suzan Idris is distinctively unique with her stylish looks and her dashing fashionable appeal. Idris draws artistic inspiration from her wild imagination and pursue of comfort. She does not condone too many prints and patterns at a time, while an essential item that she would never leave the house without are her chic sunglasses.

Favourite Brand: Dsquared2

Stylist: Self-styled

Style Icon: Rihanna

“Trends are guidelines; your style is what you make out of them.” –Suzan Idris