At this time of the year, some people find it hard to appreciate all that life has to offer if you’re not in love and don’t have a Valentine. That’s because we are bombarded with continuous romantic episodes on TV, never-ending Valentine event announcements, romantic gift and flower ads, and heart-shaped trinkets in store displays everywhere. Not to mention all the happy couples sharing cute photos and lovey-dovey status updates all day. For many singles, this translates into constant pressure, and instead of being a day to celebrate their loved ones, Valentine’s Day ends up leading to feelings of self-doubt, loneliness and even depression. But it doesn’t have to be that way. With a positive attitude and a little creativity, eniGma’s Engy Aly shows how singles can have more fun than any happy couple on Valentine’s Day.

Treat yourself

Since Valentine’s Day is all about love, spend the day loving yourself. Who cares if you don’t have someone to buy you flowers or chocolates? Pamper yourself, rather than wait for someone else to pamper you. Spend the time and money that would have gone to a partner on yourself instead. So go ahead and treat yourself to a day at the spa, or to a luxurious bubble bath. Go out of your way and cook yourself a nice meal. Or treat yourself to a makeover and boost your confidence in the process. Last but not least, remember that retail therapy is always a good idea.

Fall in love with something new

While couples are being lovey-dovey all over the place, go on a different track and challenge yourself to do something you’ve never done before, or that you rarely get to do due to your tight schedule. Use the occasion to fulfill the New Year’s resolution you made to learn a new language or join a Pilate’s class. Doing something new will make you feel good about yourself.

Volunteer – With Love

Seeing a face light up in response to your own small gestures will fill you up with love and make the less fortunate feel special. In a 2007 study in Natural Health magazine, 95 percent of volunteers surveyed said they achieved a “helper’s high,” a feeling of euphoria and energy, from volunteering. While couples celebrate Valentine’s Day by reciprocating gifts, you can volunteer and help those less fortunate without expecting anything in return. You can spend money on something that will actually make a difference to someone else and make the world a better place. Volunteering will also remind you of how much you have to be grateful for.

Give Your Heart to a Different Species

If romantic love isn’t in the works this Valentine’s Day, you could still find love and be adored no matter what. Haven’t you heard that “no man will ever love you like a dog loves you.” Adopting a dog or even volunteering at an animal shelter will boost your mood and you’ll make a new friend.

Valentine’s Day – Plan a Girls’ Night

Meeting up with your girlfriends is another way that will help you through this mushy day. Whether you stay in or go for a fun night out, you’ll enjoy being with friends who value you, regardless. True friendship is just as valuable as true love.


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