This is How You Know You Are Getting Old

We all want to believe that we’ll stay young forever. But at some point, we realise – and appropriately freak out about – the fact that we are getting older. Here are the signs that will tell you whether or not you’re on the same boat:


Complaining about noisy kids (or teens) at the cinema

Remember when you were 12 years old and you used to go the movies in a group of anywhere between 15 to 30 friends? Remember when you always had an issue that other “adults” would complain that you guys were so noisy? And remember when you constantly got kicked out of any movie for acting immaturely? You’d be lying if you say you don’t.

A few of us were recently at a horror movie, and there was a group of – in our perspective – “babies” (and let’s just be clear, they were no younger than 12 years old), inside the theatre acting exactly as immaturely as we used to at that age. We were quiet about it for a while (well, not exactly quiet, but with an occasional “shh” every now and then), but they just kept on going: giggling, screaming, talking, Snapchatting and being extremely annoying. We finally ended up complaining to the manager about the “underage” kids at the horror movie, questioning whether or not they were even allowed in, and causing the manager to inform them that they were at risk of being kicked out of the theatre. It seemed normal, until we realised that that group of kids used to be us! When did we become at the other end of the complaint? Had we actually become the “adults” we used to refer to when we were 12 years old? Also, when did we become old enough to refer to 12-year-olds as babies?


You’d rather stay home than go out

You know you’re getting older when going out/staying out late has become more of a burden than something you enjoy. We all remember a time when we’d constantly be arguing with our parents for that extra 15 minutes at our friend’s birthday, or even just 5 extra minutes. We remember feeling super rebellious when we’d get home at/or past midnight. So, why is it that now that our curfews have become way more flexible, we would actually rather stay home than go out?


Constantly reminiscing about times when you were “younger”

You know you’re older when all your conversations begin with the words “remember when…” Sure, we all realise how long it’s been since we were in school, but seriously, why are we talking about it like we’re middle-aged and reminiscing about the “good old days”. Don’t we still have the right to consider ourselves young and carefree?


Sleeping is more important than it ever was

Anyone who’s ever said that our 20s were the time to skip sleep and live, had no idea what it was like to wake up every morning and drag yourself out of bed to work. Sleep is important! And this is coming from those of us who used to stay up late on school nights, behind our parents’ backs, and still be fresh and awake in the morning. Not anymore! Now, we find ourselves constantly counting the number of hours we’ll have to sleep every night and stressing out if we have less than 7 hours. We’re all for living life to the fullest, but is it okay if we do that after 10 hours of sleep?


Disney characters are no longer familiar

Okay, so who is Moana and how exactly is she a princess? We know we should be keeping up with modern times, but honestly, what ever happened to Snow White, Pocahontas, Aurora and Belle? Because we do know all of these; they’re classics.


Everyone you know is getting married – or divorced

Okay, so married we get, but divorced? When did we become old enough to know divorced people? It’s the sad truth, but it isn’t that everyone is getting married young like we’re probably all secretly thinking – it’s the fact that we’re actually getting older.