Dr. Shady Ali Hussein, one of many experts at Shiny White Dental Centers with branches in four different locations around Cairo, is not an ordinary dentist. His medical approach involves a comprehensive look at the overall health of his patients, rather than at just their teeth. eniGma’s Iman Nayel sat down with Dr. Hussein to find out more about his practice and the well-rounded dental treatments provided by his dental center.


Shiny White Dental Centers stand out amongst other dental clinics in many ways. In terms of size, the four branches of Shiny White boast a huge team of over 200 professionals, each specialising in a different field of dentistry. In addition, there are eight dental specialties offered at each center, which total to 31 clinics, five dental X-ray centers and a central digital laboratory for the in-house manufacturing of dental accessories.

“Usually a dental office consists of one doctor specialised in one area, which means his knowledge is limited to his area of expertise. Shiny White addresses this issue and presents a different method of treatment,” explains Dr. Hussein. “The clinic’s all-inclusive examinations go beyond just a patient’s teeth and onto their general health. The first step at the beginning of the chain of examination is a general assessment of the patient, which is conducted by a doctor specialised in diagnosis who provides a holistic view of the case at hand, and able to properly direct the patient on how to proceed further. This includes checking a patient’s vital signs, like blood pressure and blood sugar levels. We’ve had several cases of diabetics who were actually diagnosed only while being treated here at Shiny White. This is not something one can find easily in other clinics. The diagnostic doctor gives the patient a full picture of what needs to be done and the different specialists to be involved. The patient is then treated by a variety of specialists who each tackle different issues. The patient is therefore both well-informed and efficiently treated,” Dr. Hussein adds.

Shiny White also has the most advanced technology available for both diagnosis and treatment. “We start with a CAT scan that shows us the patient’s vital structures and bone skeleton. By collecting this data, we can create a proper treatment plan. Data is therefore at the core of the diagnosis,” Dr. Hussein emphasises. “Most notably, the center has recently acquired a dynamic navigation system, which was limited to the military until recently. It is a motion detection camera like those used by fighter jets. It is used by our dentists to guide them during complicated procedures like tooth implants and root canal treatments. “By linking the motion detection camera to the CAT scan X-Ray, we can see exactly where to cut and where we are going inside the bone, making the task both easier and faster. We can now place implants in hard-to-reach areas in as little as two or three seconds, without any surgery or pain. This is significant in avoiding problems like bone deficiency or accidentally damaging vital structures or causing pain to the patient,” he explains. Shiny White also have a digital lab with new equipment that allows them to manufacture their own titanium, which is used to create dental accessories like crowns, for example.

Dr. Hussein is also proud of the unique design of the Shiny White clinics, which has been carefully thought out. “The design of the space actually sends a message,” says Dr. Hussein. “We are like a spaceship. We applied this concept in most aspects of the design, from colour to shape. The main purpose of the design is infection control; keeping the space free of bacteria and infections. The materials used for the flooring, ceiling and air conditioning all serve the purpose of creating a clean, stress-free environment,” he adds. Each specialty at Shiny White is also colour-coded. “We have implanted this code in the minds of our patients. For example, our surgical clinic is green, which is a calm, neutral colour; while our cosmetic clinic is red, which connotes beauty.”

In total, Shiny White boasts a truly holistic approach. Starting with the unique design of their clinics with the most up-to-date equipment, to the concern with the patient’s general wellbeing that is followed by the creation of individual treatment plans for each patient, Shiny White clinics are truly at the forefront of modern dental centers in Egypt.