Secret Santa Gift Ideas for Under LE 150

With the prices exploding through the roof these days, picking out Christmas presents has become harder than ever. So, in the spirit of these happy, festive days, we’ve prepared a list of gifts for under LE 150 to make sure you end up with two dimes to rub together, so you can truly jingle all the way.


Nesquik (LE 40) and Marshmallows (LE 14)



Anyone who doesn’t appreciate hot chocolate with marshmallows, doesn’t deserve to be part of the Christmas festivities or walk the earth at all.



Marks & Spencer Christmas Socks (LE 114)


Fuzzy Christmas socks to keep your tootsies toasty all winter



IKEA Wine Glass Set (LE 50)wine-set-ikea-49leThe perfect present for you and the person you’re giving it to



“Screw It, Lets Do It” Quick Read by Richard Branson (LE 93)

screw_it_lets_do_it_richard_branson-93leStart the New Year by spreading some wisdom because who wouldn’t want to be rich and famous?



H&M Beanie (LE 110)

hm-beani-110Because who would say no to that? It’s the perfect way to show how much you care about keeping your secret Santa warm without making them look like a complete idiot.  


Alshaya Gift Card


When Santa runs out of options, he throws in the card