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Dr. Maged Rizkallah Creating Perfection

It was last March when we last caught up with renowned plastic surgeon Dr. Maged Rizkallah to learn more about his successful career and his Sculpture Clinic. With all that’s happening in the world these days and everyone feeling unsure of what is safe and what is not during this pandemic, we decided to catch up with him again to find out how he is coping with the current situation. eniGma’s Ezz Al-Turkey sat down with Dr. Rizkallah at the Sculpture Clinic’s Sheikh Zayed branch to discuss his take on safety during cosmetic procedures these days, as well as what it takes to get perfect results.

Dr. Rizkallah was just as welcoming and friendly as he was when we first interviewed him. His calm, positive energy shone through as it had the first time around. Given everyone’s concern with Covid-19, our conversation naturally turned to the pandemic and how he was dealing with it. “I’m taking all the necessary safety precautions with extreme safety measures in our clinics,” he explains.

Despite the pandemic, however, Dr. Rizkallah noted that there has been a spike in nonsurgical procedures during the past months. “Being quarantined and not being seen by others gives patients the perfect opportunity to get the work they wanted done. I’ve also noticed that unflattering angles on online meetings have made patients come to me more; it makes them notice things they didn’t before. Additionally, there’s also more time for the healing process or even to have retouches to their liking. Some people also do these procedures to lift their mood and make them feel better about themselves during this stressful time,” he explains.

Dr. Rizkallah also advises patients to find out as much as they can about prospective doctors before getting anything done. “Before going to a doctor and asking him questions about a procedure, patients need to see the previous work he’s done. Fortunately, Instagram has made it easier than ever to review the outcome of a doctor’s different procedures. Patients should also remember to ask about the materials and types of products the doctor uses. It’s very important to know that, because using cheap products can cause some serious damage,” he advises.

Dr. Rizkallah cautions patients who think that the more cosmetic procedures are done, the better. “That’s not true. What some patients think is perfect for them, may actually do them more harm than good,” he states, adamantly. “Before we start with any procedure, I always sit with my patients and give them my honest opinion about what I think the result will look like and whether it will suit them or not. They’re usually convinced with what I say. However, there are some patients who still insist on having something specific done. At the end of the day, I want my patients to look as best as can be. I don’t want them to look fake. That’s my goal,” he adds.

As for what’s next for him in the coming period, Dr. Rizkallah says that the coronavirus continues to put his surgeries on pause. However, this does not mean being idle during the extra time he has on his hands. Driven by his passion to continuously expand his knowledge, he is using this opportunity to do as much reading as he can in his field.

With that in mind, Dr. Rizkallah had this advice for the younger generation of plastic surgeons. “Studying and reading more in your field is of utmost importance and helps you keep abreast of the latest advances. I advise future generations of plastic surgeons to study continuously. They should be driven by the passion to learn everything about every aspect of their field. The more knowledge you have, the better you will be at your practice.”

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