Along Marsa Matruh’s clear coastline with its turquoise waters and unrivalled seafront views, lies Almaza Bay, which has quickly gained a reputation as the North Coast’s perfect holiday destination. In the picturesque summer resort that has become famous for its cool ambiance and serene summer nights, now comes Sammy’s Beach Bar. This fresh take on the local beach bar scene is the latest venture by Mohamed Fares, the cutting-edge designer and copartner in the preeminent design house, Alchemy.

Fares’ modern approach and elegant touch has made Sammy’s Beach Bar the go-to destination for the ultimate lounge experience. Once you arrive at the trendy venue, you are greeted by a row of oversized plant plots that guide you to the sophisticated seating area. This unorthodox entrance makes a bold statement and serves as an introduction to the avant-garde techniques Fares has applied throughout the venue. The lounge also features wooden design elements that have been taken out of their usual context and reworked to serve another function, highlighting the maverick designs that Fares is famous for.

The dominant material used by Fares is wood, which can be seen everywhere, from the bar to the furniture; even the minimal accessories he uses embody the rustic wood feeling that characterises the space. Fares’ skillfully harnessing of wood in his design turns Sammy’s into a timeless space that is adaptable to both day and night events. However, in contrast to the extensive use of wood, the furniture’s monochromatic hues lend a modern touch to the rustic space. Furthermore, in an effort to embrace the rugged and natural beauty of the coast, the beach bar is surrounded by sand, giving it the organic ambiance of a Mediterranean oasis.

Another technique, flawlessly mastered by Fares, is the skillful manipulation of shadows. One of the prominent usages of the technique is in the sun path that, through its elaborate shadowing, creates a dynamic interplay of patterns on the floor. The intricate and unique shapes of the shadows leave a distinct imprint not only on the floor but also on the furniture and accessories, creating a fun and vibrant world between the spaces.

A large part of the natural design aesthetic is also owed to the detailed craftsmanship that was embedded in the lounge and bar structure starting from the initial stages of construction. According to Fares, the netted shades and the charcoaled bamboo, amongst many of the other distinct features, required diligent handiwork by the workers.

With its unique design and its eclectic ambiance, Sammy’s Beach Bar is sure to become a favourite hangout for beach lovers this summer. Whether you go for a mid-day lunch or a midnight cocktail, or spend the whole day there, you can bet that the experience will be unforgettable.