Sabrina Aziz

The Luxury Realtor Changing the Game

When it comes to luxury real estate, there are few realtors as passionate about the field as Sabrina Aziz. Based in Beverly Hills, and operating through her partnerships in Miami and New York, Aziz has made a name for herself from coast to coast, offering clients an unmatched service, whether for residential or commercial luxury properties. eniGma had the chance to sit down with the shining real estate star to find out how she is bringing new meaning to the term “honest broker”.

Despite having worked for many years in the financial services industry, Aziz’s true passion seems to have always been in real estate. And it’s no wonder, since her family has always worked in that field. “I come from a family who operated in real estate, so I worked in the field on the East Coast even before it became my full-blown career. It was always my passion,” Aziz recounts.

While many realtors join the industry for the fast pace and high stakes, Aziz’s love of the profession stems from her deeply held desire to be of help to others. “I just love helping people. I enjoy the process of finding a home for a family or an investor. Watching these beautiful homes come to life is something that is really phenomenal to be a part of. It’s actually a lot of fun,” she explains.

Honesty and openness in doing business, are what Aziz prides herself in, above all else. “I truly care about my clients. I work for them as if I was working for myself. If it’s not good enough for me, it’s not good enough for them. I always ask my clients what they want to walk away with, and that’s basically how I position them,” she explains.

Aziz’s extensive experience in sales and her down to earth, authentic attitude, make her a champion networker, which is essential for working in real estate. “I do a lot of networking and talk to a lot of people to position myself appropriately. I am also a very proactive person who gets really involved in the community and is part of many women’s and other groups,” she explains.

This ability to immerse herself in the community sets Aziz apart in what is really a saturated market of real estate agents. She operates simultaneously in three unique locations, California, Miami and New York, and boasts an intimate knowledge of the three areas. “It is so important to know and understand the environment in which you are selling,” she says, adding “I’m a Beverly Hills resident. Living here means I know the area and the community very well. But I am also a native New Yorker, so I also have an extensive knowledge of the East Coast. And I spend a significant amount of time in Miami, Florida, on a yearly basis. Each of these locations are places that I know very well.”

Having Arab roots, as well as a New York background, has given Aziz a unique perspective and a combination of valuable skills. She has a fierce work ethic and a unique ability to work with people across cultures, which is important when operating in such cosmopolitan settings. “My East Coast mentality means that I want to get things done by yesterday! I am very driven and have an eye for detail. Naturally, my Arab roots also provide me with an advantage, complemented by the fact that I come from one of the biggest, most diverse and transient cities in the world,” she explains. Aziz’s portfolio is as diverse as it is luxurious, including everything from an extravagant 5-6 bedroom Mediterranean style villa in the heart of Beverly Hills, to a glorious New England style estate in Hollywood. Whatever the area of luxury real estate you are looking for, Aziz offers the full spectrum of services to fit your needs. Whether it is a first home, a vacation home, a commercial space, or a residential property for investors to short-term lease, Aziz’s extensive network and experience puts her on par with the best agents in the country.

Aziz also offers services with an international reach, like finding a holiday home in the Caribbean. Whatever it is you’re looking for, with her go-getter attitude, Aziz is the right realtor to find it for you!

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