Revel Hospitality

Changing the name of the Game

Founded in 2007, ProCon was a hospitality consultancy and an expert on Food & Beverage Concept Development and Venue Management. It later went through a revamp in 2016 and rebranded as Revel Hospitality after renovating its business model and widening its scope of services. eniGma’s Ezz Al-Turkey sat with Revel CEO Ziad Elkerdany to discuss the company’s innovative services and the secrets behind the company’s success.

Revel Hospitality offers a variety of world class hospitality services, but it is their F&B bar catering that has really attracted everyone’s attention and forms the biggest part of their activities. Not to mention their top notch work in food and beverage consultancy.

CEO Ziad Elkerdany’s passion is immediately apparent in the way he speaks about Revel Hospitality’s line of work and the projects it takes on. “I’m very passionate about food and beverage, especially developing different cocktails and other new concepts. Seeing a structure go from concept to a moneymaking machine that entertains guests and makes them happy, is what our business is all about” says Elkerdany.

Listening to Elkerdany, it is clear that a lot goes into planning an event than just the venue and guests. Whether it’s a party, a wedding or a small gathering, there are many details that are responsible for making the event a real success. “The most important part for me is to make sure that all guests are taken care of,” says Elkerdany. “Whether it’s a rave, a wedding, a big or small party, I think there’s not enough focus on what guests actually want, and how we can make them happy. That’s what I like paying attention to. The true feeling of ‘hospitality’ is the key factor for me,” he adds.

In 2019, Revel took charge of major events, like Solomun All Night Long festival and Tale of Us on the North Coast, as well as the annual Sandbox Festival in Gouna, which they catered since its very first edition. They have also been cooperating with the El Gouna Film Festival, along with party organisers like Nacelle, Byganz and ADHD. Yet, while such big projects are Revel’s biggest hits, they are not what pleases Elkerdany the most. “Small parties, where we actually get people to enjoy cocktails of a different variety, are what really make me happy. We want to encourage guests to try new things. We custom make cocktail menus and options for weddings and events, and that makes our clientele more receptive to different offerings,” he says.

Elkerdany values connecting with guests and sharing moments with them. Stressing that Revel offers more than just a service, he notes that they are all about creating an experience that will stick both with the guest, and with Revel as well. “My favourite part of the job is when a guest shows up at the bar and he is not really into cocktails. We make him a cocktail and he’s so happy with it, he feels he has been missing out on so much, and will then go on to try a few more cocktails and really get into them. For me that’s a moment that turns into a memory!” exclaims Elkerdany.

Revel Hospitality is clearly only heading up from where they are today. Their established reputation for exciting innovations in F&B bar catering and for superior consultancy in F&B projects is a surefire indicator that they are on their way to ever more success in their field.

“Our long-term goal for the future is to provide consultation services to clients who are not very aware of F&B, as well as to continue to produce better F&B outlets. We also assign a huge importance to developing career professionals in Egypt, which we do by helping young men and women excel in their jobs. We have really talented people here, and part of my job is to make sure they are placed on the map. I want to give young men and women in the field the way to becoming great. And they will be great. They just need a little guidance,” says Elkerdany enthusiastically.