Best Reactions to Best Picture Mix-up at the Oscars

When the Oscars Best Picture award was handed to the wrong film, jaws dropped and the whole world flipped. The award was initially set to honour the film “Moonlight”, but instead, “La La Land” was announced as the winner, and thus, the biggest mistake in Oscar history was made, and the world’s reactions have been priceless.


When you trip and almost die, and then, life decides, “Nah, not today.”


It’s safe to say that whoever is responsible for this has been shipped to La La Land.


That moment when it’s just plain awkward.


Taraji P. Henson is all of us.


John Legend looks like he just pooped his pants.


We just love Viola!


When payday comes a little earlier in the month.


When someone eats the last piece of cake.


The real star of the night, ladies and gentleman…


That awkward moment when Dwayne Johnson realised he’s not a real actor.


That’s all, folks!