Rana Barsoum

The Makeup Artist Setting Trends

Rana Barsoum has been doing makeup since 2015. Over the past six years, the young makeup artist succeeded in making her mark in her field of beauty and makeup. Recently, she made waves glamoring up celebrities at the latest editions of both the El Gouna Film Festival and the Cairo International Film Festival. eniGma’s Salma Khaled sat down with Barsoum to find out more about her professional journey and her plans for the future.

Having graduated with a degree in management from the French University of Egypt, Rana Barsoum worked in finance, marketing and logistics for six years before switching gears to a field she was always passionate about. What started as having fun glamouring up her friends and family for special events, had developed into a strong urge to turn that hobby into a real career. “At every wedding or celebration my friends would ask me to do their makeup for them and I really enjoyed it. Doing makeup relaxed me, and put me in a good mood. It took my mind away from everything else,” she recalls.

To set herself on the path of realizing her dream career, Barsoum started to take some makeup courses in 2015. She took courses with Egyptian makeup artists, like Mohamed Abdelhamid and Christine Rizkallah, as well as with international artists at the London Makeup Institute.

“I faced some personal challenges through my journey, and market-related ones, as well. Transitioning to a new unstable job kept my family worried; they actually refused it at first because it wasn’t a regular job back then. My biggest challenge was to prove to my family that I deserved to work within my passion,” she explains. Her family approved of her work only after her first photo shoot with Raymond Markeez. Since then, her mother has been her support system and she encourages her to continue working in makeup.

Known for her simple, yet glamorous makeup style, Barsoum likes layering her products, while making sure the end result is always simple, fresh, and glowing skin. She likes to keep the skin looking like it’s filtered without seeming “cakey”. She gets much of the inspiration for her makeup style from some of her favorite makeup content creators on YouTube. “You’ll always find me watching makeup videos, tutorials and tips. I’m never bored of makeup. My most watched makeup videos are those of my favorite makeup artists like Nikki de Jager and Patrick Starrr. I share the same makeup school with them,” she explains.

Looking back at the makeup trends of 2020, Barsoum explains that she was happy that they matched her own taste in makeup. One such trend was the ‘dolphin skin,’ which focuses on achieving a glowing and a radiant skin. “Colorful eye shadows were also definitely in all last year, and black smokey eyes also made a welcomed comeback,” Barsoum adds.

By now, Barsoum is very used to glamming celebrities. Many celebrities on the red carpet at the El Gouna Film Festival and Cairo International Film Festival looked absolutely stunning, thanks to Barsoum’s glam makeup. Two of her own favourites at the El Gouna Festival were Stephanie Saliba’s and Berna Ibrahim’s brown glitter smokey eye look. When asked who her dream star to glam is, she is quick to reply, “Definitely, it’s Shereen Reda. I think she would look amazing in the dolphin skin look. It’s very challenging for a makeup artist to achieve a great look on coloured eyes. That’s why I would focus more on her complexion,” she explains.

Looking ahead to 2021, Barsoum predicts that life is going to be very different in many aspects, including makeup. She sees brighter and bigger eyes on top of 2021’s makeup trends list. “Graphic lines will be very in as well, and we will be saying goodbye to thick eyeliners. Lip stains and tints are replacing lipsticks, nowadays, especially with everyone having their masks on,” she adds.

Barsoum’s own dream for the future is to have her own academy for teaching makeup, both professionally and personally. “I also want to have a beauty boutique where people come to relax and take their minds off the troubles of life. I really want to do so many different things in the future!” she concludes.