Ramy Abdelrahim


It seemed like the sky was the limit for Ramy Abdelrahim as his career in events management at London hit double digits, one that had seen him work on projects such as multiple successful concerts and the 2012 Olympics.  Last October, though, he decided to leave all that behind and to sell koshary for a living in London.  eniGma’s Mahmoud Al Badry spoke to Abdelrahim to find out why he made this major change in his career, and how things have been going since he started his new business.

Abdelrahim has always been passionate about food. He chose to showcase his unique ethnic flair by presenting Egypt’s quintessential dish, Koshary, to London.

Indeed, Koshary is the mainstay around which Abdelrahim has built his successful new business, which he aptly named Koshary Kitchen.  He took a calculated chance that Egypt’s favorite dish would wow London’s adventurous palates.

“I have always had a deep desire and love for food.  Koshary was my favorite dish growing up. It has a unique combination of ingredients which, at first glance, don’t look like they go well together.  When the cooking is complete, however, everything falls into place perfectly,” he remarks.

Koshary Kitchen’s notable success has certainly surprised Abdelrahim himself.  Britons immediately fell in love with the dish.

Over time, he’s tailored his offerings to capitalize on the growing British interest by introducing eight different variations of Koshary to suit everyone’s dietary needs, including a new vegetarian variation that has dazzled his growing list of customers.  “Koshary is a dish that is appreciated by people from all walks of life.  In that sense, it is a true barrier breaker and a great indicator of our unique culture,” he enthuses. “It is deeply embedded in every Egyptian.  Merely serving it to our customers allows me to add images of everyday Egyptian life to my branding,” he adds.

Though successful, Abdelrahim’s koshary venture has had to compete with some truly enormous, culture-based food chains across England.  He certainly has had to fight tooth and nail for every inch of success that has come his way.

“It has been very tiring due to the long working hours.  All of our ingredients are premium and fresh. I also have to ensure that everything cooked daily follows the highest health and safety standards.  Our sauce alone, for instance, is slow cooked for six hours to guarantee the highest quality and taste.  Nevertheless, despite these struggles, I’m very thankful that I get to do what I love on a daily basis.”