Ramadan Fitness Tips

Ramadan Fitness Tips


It’s not too late to start an easy exercise routine this Ramadan!


What if we told you that your Ramadan basbousa belly isn’t inevitable? That you can still enjoy a few of those cheeky desserts, while also staying in shape?

Well we have the perfect exercise tips for you, to keep you fit while you fast.



The key tip here is to avoid high-intensity cardio. Instead, give these exercises a try:

Yoga:  Believe it or not yoga is one of the healthiest ways to create a healthy fasting lifestyle. First, it trains your mind to focus on your breath and your body instead of craving for food and water.  Second, if you are a serious weight loss seeker then fasting while doing yoga has proven to be effective at fat burning.

Cycling: The key to exercising while fasting is pushing yourself out of the “I really want to eat” zone, and cycling is the perfect distraction to help you get there. An easy cycle ride to your parents for iftar would be a perfect addition to your Ramadan routine.

Jogging: Its constant availability makes jogging the easiest exercise option, especially for those with busy schedules; you just have to step outside your apartment and go. Even a brisk walk is better than nothing, so get out some comfy shoes and get moving!



Most fitness experts agree that the best time to exercise during Ramadan is just before breaking your fast. Not only will it help you digest everything you eat afterwards more efficiently, you will also be motivated to push yourself harder with the thought of your mum’s Béchamel sauce as your reward.

If this doesn’t fit your busy schedule, then just before Sohour also works. That way your post-workout food can be your Sohour!


How Long?

Don’t overdo it! Depending on how intense the workout is, try to keep the workout time between 20-45 minutes. This is not the month to achieve any personal bests, focus more on staying within your comfort zone and just working on your general fitness.



On those long hot days when you are starting to struggle, exercise can actually give you the boost of adrenaline you need to keep you going. Also, if you are prone to being rather grumpy while fasting, exercise is proven to improve your mood so that you can face your colleagues with a smile!


So go on, get off your couch, take a friend along as your workout buddy and start exercising!