Architect Khaled Noufal co-founded PRIMA LENZA Consultants & Architects Consultant engineer Hani Noufal, founder of Prima Lenza, established the firm in 1996. Because the company believes that professionalism comes with both experience and innovation, Architect Khaled Noufal joined as a partner in 2016 and thus adding to the firm’s mission, which is to plan and demonstrate a high quality of services that meet the needs of the subscribed client. eniGma’s Iman Nayel sat down with the young architect to learn more about his architectural vision and Prima Lenza’s distinctive approach to architectural design.

Khaled Noufal realised that he wanted to be an architect early in life; “I knew I had the talent and the passion for this line of work since high school,” he explains. He went on to obtain a degree in architecture from Misr International University and to turn his passion into a thriving career in practice.

The company’s main objective is to view architecture as a methodology that functions as an upgrade, in addition to simulating money and time of delivery. Prima Lenza offers several services such as architectural, interior and landscape design in addition to project management, site surveys and evaluation reports.

“To me, professional inspiration comes in many forms,” says Noufal. “I believe that everything comes from the great book of nature, from symmetrical to asymmetrical designs” he adds, explaining that he draws much of his inspiration from his surroundings.

“We offer a blend of traditional and contemporary styles,” says Noufal, describing the hybrid style of their designs. “Personally, I am heavily influenced by the Bauhaus movement, which at its core is that ‘less is more.’ However, my style of design varies with every client. Each of my clients has their own taste, and so my design style will vary accordingly,” he adds.











Since its launch in 1996, Prima Lenza has worked successfully on numerous projects of different varieties including commercial, medical and residential projects. Their most recent projects include the Diamond Land Stores in Mall of Egypt and Citystars, Oasis Clinics in Sheikh Zayed City and New Cairo, and a joint venture design project with the German University in Cairo.

Noufal’s team is an important part of Prima Lenza’s success. “Our workplace allows all our staff to grow and develop,” Noufal affirms. “Our team members always feel like they are a part of one unit working towards the same goal,” he adds. All employees share the fundamental values of integrity, ethics, respect, responsive service and a corporate community culture.

Noufal stresses the importance of keeping up to date with trends and staying competitive. “This field has become very competitive, and interior design companies are expanding more and more every day. I always keep in mind how to develop my work and grow as a designer,” he states. “Competition is a vital part of success and improving any business. I view competition as an advantage: it enables me to identify what my client is looking for in comparison to other firms. Competition means that my customers have the option of choosing my business over others, which forces me to think about why this is and how to keep this edge,” he adds enthusiastically.

Looking ahead, Noufal lays out Prima Lenza’s plans for the future, “We aspire to expand Prima Lenza both nationally and internationally. It is very important for us to show that Egyptian designers can make their mark on an international scale.”