Since dinner parties are common amongst the winter months, Lindsay Trivers, a world renowned sommelier, has provided us with tips to stay classy and sophisticated when hosting and attending these gatherings.

For hosts, welcome drinks are a must, but they must be refreshing and thoughtful; however, simplicity is key as the host will be stretched in the kitchen already. A good option could be a simple highball glass of good quality dry vermouth, like Dolin Blanc, cut with soda and garnished with a fruit.

Ms. Trivers prefers to introduce the cheese platter at the beginning of the night as it is easy to pull together and visually appealing. Another important tip is to ensure your drinks are served at the right service temperature, which is a facet that is easily overlooked. So, stock your fridge with your beverages and ice well in advance to avoid serving warm drinks.

A party etiquette that is still in style and highly encouraged is rocking up with a gift for the host. Whether it’s a bottle of wine, flowers, a nice cigar or some chocolate – it’s nice to show a little appreciation.