Specialising in plastic and laser surgery, Sculpture Clinic is rapidly becoming one of the most frequented cosmetic clinics in Cairo. With Dr. Maged Rizkallah at the helm, the clinic is continuously breaking new ground in the field at its two branches in Sheikh Zayed City and Mohandessin. eniGma’s Ezz Al-Turkey sat with Dr. Rizkallah to get a glimpse into his world and his views on the state of plastic surgery in Egypt.

As a young boy, Dr. Rizkallah looked up to his father, who was a successful general surgeon, and wanted to follow in his footsteps. However, as he grew up, he gravitated towards plastic surgery instead because he liked the fact that it allowed him to visibly see the result of his work. “I love plastic surgery and the impact that it has on people. Of course, general surgery is hugely important, and you can see the result in the improvement in the patient’s health. However, with plastic surgery, there’s the satisfaction of actually getting to see the result of your work with your own eyes,” says Dr. Rizkallah.
After receiving his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from Cairo University, and obtaining certification from the American Board of Laser Surgery, Dr. Rizkallah travelled to Paris and London to further expand his education through more specialised courses. Upon returning to Egypt, he proceeded to launch Sculpture Clinic, specialising in plastic and laser surgery.

Sculpture Clinic treats both women and men, helping them look their best and making sure that they love what they see when they look in the mirror. “It is surprising how insecure people can feel when they don’t like something, no matter how trivial, in their appearance. For example, a really gorgeous girl may feel really bad thinking that her lips are too small, even though she’s the only one who notices. Such little things can ruin a person’s self-confidence and negatively impact his/her mental health. That’s where plastic surgery comes in. It can have a positive impact on people’s mental health by changing the way they see themselves!” exclaims Dr. Rizkallah.

The range of specialised surgical and nonsurgical procedures on offer at Sculpture Clinic includes liposuction, injections, breast augmentation, Botox, among many others. It is noteworthy that Dr. Rizkallah welcomes performing nonsurgical cosmetic procedures, which are increasing in popularity. “They are much less risky than surgery, and the complications are much lower, of course,” he says, adding, “I actually like doing nonsurgical procedures like Botox and fillers. Patients generally give more feedback to us about nonsurgical procedures than about surgical ones.”

Dr. Rizkallah finds that there has recently been a surge in male patients, even though women still make up most of cosmetic patients. He notes that men and women come with different sets of needs and preferences in terms of procedures. “Male patients usually come for 4D sculpturing, liposuction and tummy tucks, but recently they’ve started to request Botox as well. We actually get a lot of couples who come in together,” he says. “I have also noticed that female patients have a higher endurance level than men,” jokes Dr. Rizkallah, adding, “I am serious, actually. Female patients do show a higher level of tolerance for pain during procedures.”

Commenting on the state of plastic surgery in Egypt, Dr. Rizkallah concludes, “I think we’re currently watching the stigma surrounding the field, slowly fade away in Egypt. The day will soon come when people may wonder how there’s someone who hasn’t had plastic surgery done at all. Of course, with the rise in popularity of nonsurgical procedures, more people want to explore them. Slowly but surely, however, they move on and start to explore surgical procedures as well. Social media has really helped shed light on the field of cosmetic surgery and procedures, and that has led to a boom in the field. Everyone wants to look better!”


Photography by: Ahmed Mobarez