Perfect Pleasures

Nehal Leheta’s Favourite Things

eniGma caught up with the beautiful inside out, Nehal Leheta to hear all about her favourite things and style secrets… In addition to her undeniable positive energy, Leheta is a successful interior designer. When she’s not working, she loves to indulge in her passion of cooking, shopping and inspiring sensational bops written and sung by her other half, Abu.

My Favourite Destination
Miami, Florida

My Cheat Meal
Buffalo Wings

My Scent
Tova perfume mixed with Abdul Samad Al Qurashi White Musk

My Purse Essentials
Lip balm, hoop earrings, O&R pencil case, iPad, sunglasses, my old ‘good luck’ classic Gucci wallet, lipstick & a small Quran that my dad gave me

My Guilty Pleasure
ShoppingMy Favourite Book
The Little PrinceMy Hobby
CookingMy Mood Booster
NutellaMy Favourite Movie
Julie & Julia