Perfect Pleasures

Farah Nofal’s Favourite Things

eniGma caught up with the iconic Farah Nofal, to hear all about her favourite things and style secrets… Exuding undeniable positive energy, Nofal is an online sensation with a huge presence on social media. She is a health and movement coach as well as the founder of Yogithings, specialising in yoga mats in Egypt.

My Favourite Destination

Bali, Indonesia

My Cheat Meal

Ice Cream

My Favourite Movie

Pearl Harbor

My Scent

Escada Magnetism

My Workout Essential Gear

Airpods, a kettlebell and a yoga mat

My Favourite TV Show


My Coronavirus Survival Bag Essentials

A facemask, alcohol spray and sunglasses

My Guilty Pleasure


My Favourite Book

The Leader’s Way by the Dalai Lama

My Favourite Bop(s) to Workout to

Blinding Lights by the Weeknd and In Your Eyes by Robin Schulz feat. Alida