Our Ultimate 2020 Furniture Guide

Take your home to the Next Level

Whether you’re furnishing a new home, remodeling an existing one or simply looking for a fresh idea to brighten a room, our Furniture Guide will provide you with tons of inspiration and practical ideas to help you in your quest. Ideas from big international brands to top of the line designer furniture you can source locally, this guide has it all.

Elie Saab Home

Elie Saab’s inaugural home collection extends the designer’s exquisite style to an array of home furnishings. The brand’s lifestyle image maintains Saab’s aesthetic and standards throughout the collection of “long-living” and light coloured pieces.


Armani casa

Ultra-sleek and modern creativity is channelled in Armani Casa’s latest collection. A taste of the east and richness of colours add to its theatrical feel.



Visionnaire creates furniture like no other and makes modernism and sleekness its top priority.


Fendi casa

Fendi Casa offers out of the box timeless creations, channelling the iconic Roma Amor look and feel, with immaculate craftsmanship and ingenuity.


Missoni Home

Encapsulating the magic of nature and earthly elements, Missoni Home offers an eclectic collection that inspires us to ‘dream,’ with new takes on their classic aesthetic.

Roberto Cavalli Home Interiors

Be inspired by the Cavalli image and their “celebration of lifestyle.” Cavalli returns to elegant traditional patterns combined with extraordinary new colours in delicate tones, all with a meticulous attention to detail.

Gucci Home

Gucci’s home collection brings a fresh incorporation of royal renaissance colours mixed with distinct themes of nature. The feline and insect prints make for lavish furnishings and accessories.


Etro Home Design

This international brand is perfect if you want to bring the famous Etro style with its mythical references and creative character into your home. The collection is full of unique design pieces drawing on nomadic inspiration and exotic themes.


Hany Saad Innovations

Hany Saad Innovation’s new collection, which features a unique cosy chair made with the finest materials, delivers the style and creativity we are used to expect from the renowned interior designer.


Hossam Nabil

Known for keeping it 100% elegant, yet simple, Hossam Nabil delivers one-of-a-kind pieces that are sure to stand out in a modern home.


Eklego Design

Comfort meets quality in Eklego’s showroom where you can find a wide array of sleek and contemporary home furnishings.



With pieces that are attention grabbing and built to last, in a style that ranges from transitional to ultra-modern, Shewekar’s creations are bold yet also emphasise the comfort young families aspire to.


MB Designs

Always keeping it different and unique, MB Designs makes furniture for the modern home by challenging the norms and adding the spice that every home needs.


La Roche

Fueled by a passion for creativity, La Roche’s furniture collection has a distinct modern/contemporary style that is dominated by a neutral colour palette.


Marina Home Interiors

Marina Home Interiors offers a wide array of vibrant and diverse trendy furniture that adds an original essence to every room in your home.



C-Realty has succeeded in creating yet another beautiful collection of modern, locally produced pieces that can be customised to fit your needs


Noun Furniture

With its new and ultra-modern approach to everyday furniture, Noun offers stunning locally designed and crafted pieces that brighten up any space.


TDF Designs

TDF Designs are sleek and chic with a perfect blend of neutral as well as vibrant colours that are sure to provide a breath of freshness to your home.



Phrase offers creative, modern and simple furniture options that add a splash of character with a quirky touch to any room in your home.


Alfa Furniture

Alfa Furniture’s new collection is a wonderful example of local creativity. Known for classic, simple designs with a modern twist, most of the furniture they produce can be customised according to your preference.


Jam by Hedayat

With over twenty years of experience under her belt, the founder of Eklego Design brings us Jam by Hedayat, a collection of fresh designs of wallpaper, fabrics and a plethora of customisable products.


Zara Home

Zara Home offers a collection of chic creative craftsmanship covering every aspect of elegant living. Their neutral colours and stylish European influence add style and beauty to any area in your home.


H&M Home

With its wide array of durable and affordable fresh décor and home furnishings, H&M home has something for everyone.